Myths and Realities About Online Casino Games

Written By Alla Levin
April 08, 2022

Myths and Realities About Online Casino Games

The whole concept of online casino games is not new. It all started in 1994, but the concept didn’t skyrocket because of the associated myths. Today, the intervention of blockchain and crypto has boosted the popularity of online casinos and nye casinoer. But still, some pretty apparent myths are associated with such casinos.

Here are some 21st-century myths related to online casinos and the truth behind them,

Gambling online through casinos is not safe

If you ask ten people whether online casinos are safe or not, 8 of them will say that they are not. The fun part is that none of these ten people have tried online casinos like PlayAmo casino Canada login themselves. 

It is a part of human psychology. Whenever there comes an opportunity where you can earn a hefty amount with your skills online, it looks like a scam. The same happened with online casinos, but awareness takes control over time.

Online casinos are illegalOnline casinos are illegal

The myth that online casinos are illegal is not baseless. But the truth is quite different as well. Online casinos are now being finally monetized and administered by credible authorities throughout the globe. At the same time, there are regions where laws related to online casinos are not clear.

Now the people who reside in such areas are in a constant state of doubt about whether or not online casinos are legal. This is where doubt takes control of the normal course of action. It is better to check what the law says in your country.

There is no credibility in online casinos

Before introducing crypto and blockchain in the online casino’s division, this was a real issue. The majority of the online casinos were not credible. No one even knew back then who was operating such casinos. That’s why making payments through such platforms was quite risky.

But with the help of crypto technology, credibility is not something you should be worried about while accessing an online casino game. There are proper verified channels through which transactions are made now. Plus, you can verify the credibility of an online casino by visiting the parent website that’s providing the services.

You can’t win in an online casino

This may look a bit childish, but still, it is one of the most popular myths out there regarding online casinos. Most players consider that you can’t practically win in an online casino game. The game is programmed so that it doesn’t allow someone to win.

That’s not the case. Most credible online casino games work purely based on random algorithms matching up, just like major real-life casino games; it’s purely your luck whether you will find something or not. The internet is loaded with live examples of people winning hefty sums from nothing.

Withdrawal is scamMyths and Realities About Online Casino Games

So yeah, YouTube videos of people winning hefty sums in online casino games can be real. But what about the withdrawal? We bet that these winners can never take out their winning no matter how hard they try. This usually pops up in the mind of someone who is absolutely against online casinos.

Blockchain was the main platform to jump into this to cope with this. The blockchain transaction model allows the players to withdraw their winning direct into their crypto wallets. The crypto-assets can then be used after conversion into fiat currency.

Kids can access online casinos

This myth, in particular, is a real-life problem as well. There are cases reported throughout the globe where minors get access to online casinos and use their parent’s credit cards to bet. First, an online casino game that allows such transactions is completely illegal.

Second, with blockchain integration, you need to prove your state identity and that you are the authorized user of a credit card or a bank wallet. The platform won’t allow you to get into the game without such kinds of verifications.

Realities About Online Casino Games: The land casinos are getting closed

This happens when optimism and social media boost of a particular event takes over the world. Rumors are myths are spread daily that online casinos are replacing the land-casinos. In other words, land casinos are getting out of business because people have shifted to online casinos. This is not true at all.

What is happening is a constructive competition between both the casino types. Online casinos’ new and improved betting features are forcing land casinos to upgrade their technology. This is why even land casinos are now exception crypto-based assets for betting.

You can count cards in online Blackjack!You can count cards in online Blackjack

In the casino world, there is a famous saying. The only game an amateur can play for the very first time and win a fortune in is Blackjack. When we talk about land casinos, counting cards become a real solution for excelling in Blackjack. Although it is considered unethical and even illegal in some regions, you can count the cards to determine which card will land.

In the case of online Blackjack, there is no way you can do that. The cards distributions and placement is spontaneous and algorithm-supported. If you have a little knowledge about how algorithms work, you know that there is no chance you can predict or count the cards.

Realities About Online Casino Games: Final Note

Online casino games are on the rise these days. The back support of blockchain and mega crypto projects has increased the credibility of these casino games overnight. But still, there are people out there who believe that something is a scam in all of this. This is where the myths are born.

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