Must Have Tips for Your Summer Road Trip

Written By Alla Levin
April 24, 2022

Must-Have Tips for Your Summer Road Trip

A summer road trip is an awesome idea! Why not load up your RV and hit the open road for a week or two when it’s too warm to work anyway? If you’re thinking about a summer road trip this year, you might want a few tips and hacks to make it an easier and more memorable vacation.  

Vehicle Packing 

A summer road trip is an excellent idea; you can break the routine and visit some amazing local places without getting bored. The world is your oyster. However, it’s easy to get carried away and overpack your vehicle, which has some downsides affecting fuel economy and workload. 

The tendency is to pack as much as you can into the vehicle in case you need it at some point, but the heavier your vehicle is, the more fuel you’re going to need. Additionally, you have more stuff to handle. It’s better to pre-plan and use a capsule wardrobe method for your summer trip. 

Loose Planning Must-Have Tips for Your Summer Road Trip

A summer road trip should be enjoyable and relaxing, so it’s best to keep things loose and flexible. Loose planning means you have some direction for where you want to go, but you’re not bound by that plan; things can change, and that’s fine; you just need to be ready for it. 

If there are some planning personalities on your trip, they might want to have a clear itinerary in mind, so find a balance between specific plans and adventurous side trips. This is the best way to plan a summer road trip as it gives you certainty and allows for a degree of spontaneousness.    

Travel Insurance 

If you plan to take a road trip across the border, you will need travel insurance, so don’t forget this even though you’re not leaving the runway this year. Travel insurance gives you cover for financial losses or health issues that you might encounter; it can be bought in the same way. 

That said, you might be more concerned with car insurance this year, most people already have insurance for the vehicle they intend to use, but they might not be getting the best deal on it. For instance, pay-per-mile car insurance lets you pay for what your use and saves up to 47% yearly.  

Fuel Economy 

Chances are, you have a budget for your summer road trip that includes enough to cover your fuel. This is a sensible idea, and you’re probably comfortable with the amount you intend to spend touring the country. That said, you can still save money on your fuel costs on the route. 

The cost of fuel has never needed higher, so it makes sense to adapt your driving and improve your vehicle for the road. Vehicles burn most fuel with the revs being high, which means when you accelerate in a low gear. Keep your foot light on the pedal and increase the tire pressure.    

Stay Flexible 

It’s important not to have too many expectations when it comes to your summer road trip; the aim is to create an enjoyable and memorable time to look back on, so expect the unexpected and be prepared to adapt your plans or change your moods for a better all-round experience.

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