Ecommerce Technology Trends Defining the Upcoming Future

Written By Alla Levin
April 25, 2022

Ecommerce Technology Trends Defining the Upcoming Future

Ecommerce is a rapidly evolving industry that has revolutionized online shopping trends. Newer and innovative features are introduced as the technology progresses, leading to a more customer-centric shopping experience.

These eCommerce technology trends, such as customer service automation solutions, are helping both small and big businesses improve their services and gain a large customer base.

How Does Customer Service Automation Solution Help Businesses?

The most significant e-commerce trend is the customer service automation solutions. Customers prefer speed and timeliness due to busy routines. It helps increase efficiency by instantly responding to customers’ queries. Using AI-communication channels such as live chat or chatbot makes your customers more inclined towards your business due to rapid response and efficient solutions to their queries. Incorporating customer service automation solutions increases customer satisfaction and profitability.

It provides error-free customer service to valued customers. No matter how experienced your human customer service support is, they can still make mistakes or forget critical details. AI chatbots help mitigate errors by providing risk-free customer service. Incorporating AI channels will help businesses gain a happy and large customer base shortly.

It also helps to reduce the long queue of customers waiting for their queries to be solved. Longer strings lead to customer dissatisfaction and decreased loyalty. Having AI-powered live chats and chatbots helps efficiently respond to each customer’s concern regardless of the issues’ complexity. When customers get a timely response, they are more likely to shop from you again. Some of the top-notch eCommerce technology trends that are positively impacting businesses and helping them in increasing revenues are:

Augmented or Virtual RealityAugmented or Virtual Reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality are complete game-changers of 2022 that have taken personalization and interactive online shopping to the next level. Virtual reality is helping customers in making better buying decisions by enabling them to use the product before purchasing virtually. Businesses like home decor and fashion boutiques benefit from this fantastic technology. With AR, customers can effectively place the product in their homes or try out a product before purchasing it.

Voice Search

Voice search is another remarkable trend among the latest eCommerce technology trends dominating customer buying behavior. With smart devices like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, customers rely more on voice search to execute daily tasks. In the future, customers will use smart devices to shop for groceries or place an order online. Businesses incorporating voice search will heavily generate revenues and retain customers.

E-commerce businesses are also incorporating image search option, which allows users to upload pictures of the product they like and find the most suitable and affordable option. If a customer is interested in a particular product and your business has it, then incorporating image search will allow the customer to view the effect on your site and make a buying decision.

Personalization and Customization

Brand personalization and customization are becoming the latest norms in eCommerce technology trends. Both B2B and B2C buyers are interested in purchasing personalized products catering to their needs and interests.

Thanks to AI and machine learning which actively store buyer data and provide personalized product recommendations. Research shows that 78% of customers are more likely to ignore irrelevant or non-personalized product offers. This data suggests that personalized product offers have become essential among all eCommerce technology trends.

In addition to personalization, customers are also interested in customized products. By allowing customers to participate in the product creation process, businesses rapidly gain satisfied and loyal customers.

Mobile ShoppingMobile Shopping

Almost everyone nowadays owns a mobile phone. Given the rise in recent shopping trends, many users rely on shopping online from mobile platforms. Mobile e-commerce platforms allow users to shop from virtually anywhere and enable them to use multiple payment methods.

Users nowadays require multiple payment methods and are more likely to ignore an e-commerce platform not having diverse payment options. Businesses nowadays need to incorporate various payment options to increase customer engagement. When users can save payment information on e-commerce platforms on mobile phones, it leads to immediate purchases the next time and a compelling shopping experience.

Actionable Content and Videos Increase Sales

Videos are practical and an excellent way to demonstrate what your product or service is really about. Implementing actionable content such as storytelling and product or service demonstration videos helps brands gain brand recognition and awareness.

Customers are more compelled to purchase when visually seeing the product or service’s benefits. Incorporating interactive content increases conversion and sales. In addition, users can share the product videos on their social media pages, leading to more traffic and a customer base.

Gamification and subscriptions are the most interesting eCommerce technology trends that increase customer engagement and satisfaction. Many e-commerce businesses are incorporating gamification techniques in their businesses.

People love being rewarded and are more likely to be interested in rewards products. Gamification techniques like VIP loyalty programs, spin-to-win, vouchers, and promotional campaigns help the users stay committed to the brand.

Subscriptions also help customers to keep coming back for more. A subscription allows companies to plan and manage inventory and sales. For customers, it helps in managing large purchases periodically.


Many customers and businesses are becoming environmentally conscious nowadays. Due to the rise in global warming and the effects of business activities on the environment, many shoppers avoid companies that have not reformed their activities. Businesses need to alter their actions and implement environmentally friendly packaging to increase customer retention. Consumers are more interested in shopping from companies offering sustainable products such as biodegradable packaging, recyclable materials, and reducing plastic waste.

Wrapping Up

The latest eCommerce technology trends, such as customer service automation solutions, are helping businesses in increasing profitability and enhance their customer base. A customer service automation solution is a cost-effective customer service that reduces the additional cost of hiring extra staff. Implementing AI automation solutions is a one-time cost that reaps benefits for a long time.

AI software does not need salary or repetitive instructions to work effectively. Instead, AI chatbots help solve a customer’s query instantly without any error leading to increased customer satisfaction. It is high time that companies start incorporating flexibility in their operations and add the latest features to their e-commerce platforms to experience an increase in their sales.

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