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Evolution Gaming – Why Every Online Casino Needs Them

Online casinos are fast becoming a new wave in the gambling industry. The multi-billion gaming sector now attracts thousands of loyal players, and it will continue for a long time. A concern for some of the players moving from the regular brick-and-mortar casinos is if iGaming platforms can provide the desired action, a taste of adrenaline, and excitement seen in the retail gambling centers.

A lot have fears that the ambiance of the land-based casinos will be lost. However, all hope is not lost with the introduction of live dealer games. Many software providers have been at the forefront of ensuring live casino games live up to the expectation that any traditional casino player will look out for. A good example is Evolution Gaming.

About Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is one of the famous software companies that has offered excellent products to the market. Particularly for online live casinos, they have created a strong portfolio for live games that any online casino without the provider in their list is considered irrelevant. They are the first to introduce live casino games, giving them that edge and popularity among their competitors.

The company’s primary aim is to reproduce the ambiance of the land-based casinos in an iGaming setting. Evolution Games now provide an almost replica of the gaming action, with high-quality, clear video streams for all participants and viewers remotely.

On top of that, they’ve also managed to incorporate the casino jargon into their games to make them more convincing.

Instead of opting for games using RNG Technology, the games from Evolution Games offer a different experience, with a human as a dealer, live tables including actual roulette wheels, cards, and other essentials on a streaming platform. No more playing computer simulations, competing directly against fellow humans.

As a company, they have been recognized by many brands, receiving awards as a significant live dealer, enforcing its status as a substantial provider for different kinds of games to be played in a live setting.

The great thing about the provider is that their games can be played on mobile or desktop devices. They have some of the best titles for the live dealer, including Lightning Roulette.

Features of Evolution GamesEvolution Gaming

One of the features that benefit players is the Favorite Bets. This critical feature allows gamblers to save up to 15 of their favorite games, loading their games faster and better without hindrance.  Many other providers base their creativity on the template offered by Evolution Gaming.

Another essential feature is that the game is unique to their brand, ensuring that players who enjoy those games will seek Evolution games on a casino’s software provider list before signing on.

Benefits of Evolution Gaming to Online Casinos

The importance of this provider to online casinos is enormous, some of them including:

  • Excellent Customer Support: while their software has been termed superb, there are still instances where the attention of a customer agent may be needed to resolve issues. Here’s where Evolution Games excels. They have different channels, including online chat and email addresses for support, 24/7.
  • Great Live Dealer games: the provider has over 300 games available for casinos to choose from. All the games can be played at any time by the players.
  • Special bonuses: Evolution Games has a special bonus that casino operators can include in their packages for customers. An example is a regular deposit bonus offer which gives players access to play for special prizes at the live dealer tables. The prizes could range from free merchandise, bonus cash, or even free bets and leadership points.
  • Real-Time Inspection: Evolution Game has a unique feature where operators can monitor all the tables from a mission room. It gives the house an advantage to watch all happenings at the table and resolve any issue.
  • Multiple Languages: Evolution Games are available in diverse languages, eliminating language restrictions when choosing games for customers to play.

Evolution Gaming: Conclusion

With the new technology, Evolution Games has brought, the fears of missing out on live land-based casino action are now a thing of the past. With their list of exciting live games, players can enjoy quality casino games competing against humans and the umpire as a human.

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