5 Most Beautiful Regions in Italy to Live In

Written By Alla Levin
May 01, 2022
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5 Most Beautiful Regions in Italy to Live In

Italy is enriched with a wealth of beauty and striking natural marvels. Moving in and living in Italy might be the best decision and the most exciting experience of your life. Do you know what’s the cherry on top? The country is incredibly affordable to live in.

But where exactly to look? Where is that dream place where you can live your dream life? Let us sort that out for you. Here are the 5 most beautiful regions in Italy to live in. Find the one where you can live your dream life.


Campania is the most highly populated region of Italy. People are not the only thing you will find here though, it also offers gorgeous sceneries, islands, beautiful small towns, and historical sights. There is just so much to explore and enjoy.

There are small towns like Amalfi and Positano at the foot of the mountains. The region’s islands are breathtakingly beautiful, like the island of Capri, which is limestone rock. The island of Ischia is a volcanic island hence rich in thermal aquifers.

You will find the country’s best spa resorts in Ischia, where you can enjoy healthy therapies, massages, facials, and mud treatments. While Campania does not offer much entertainment, you will love living here if you want to live close to nature and history.

Most beautiful regions in Italy to live in: TuscanyMost beautiful regions in Italy to live in

Tuscany reflects a peaceful and calm lifestyle with a slow pace, which is characteristic of Italy. The sunny beaches, stunning cliffs, and some of the most beautiful landscapes will keep you captivated if you wish to live detached from the concrete city life.

The ex-pat community in Tuscany eases the new residents into settling down, which makes one feel at home. It has some of the best villas for sale in Italy. Besides that, cities like Florence and Pisa make great attraction spots without being overcrowded.

The weather is beautiful with brightness and warmth and little rain. The surrounding areas have towns, villages, churches, museums, and galleries. The ancient architecture is vibrant and beautiful. Tuscany also offers a low cost of living with incredibly reasonable housing rates in some of its areas.


Abruzzo is a piece of heaven for nature lovers. There are lots of marvels of nature that you can find in this quiet region of Italy. There are beaches, diverse landscapes, and fauna in the region. Although the region is in the east of the capital, Rome, with the striking snowcapped mountains and with the peace and quiet, it feels miles away from it.

You will find a large variety of olive oil and wine in Abruzzo and those vibrant, colorful houses that are symbolic of Italy. It has clean air, clear blue skies, and a refreshing, healthy environment, something which is rare to find in most cities. Abruzzo also makes a great choice for living from a financial viewpoint, and it’s much more affordable than Rome.

Sardinialiving island life

If you want to experience living island life, Sardinia is the place for you! The island region is famous for its white sands and clear blue waters. Sardinia is also one of those remote regions of Italy that provide escape to live a peaceful and healthy life. This one offers the stunning beauty of islands making it a dream come true for island lovers.

Sardinia is even more isolated than most rural areas of the country, hence the calm village life experience and fresh environment and air. The residents of the region are also known for their welcoming nature. However, don’t be mistaken thinking that you will be troubled for necessities in Sardinia. Everything is available conveniently in close vicinities. Housing and other living costs are also affordable in the region.

Northern Italy

Northern Italy is the most affordable region in Italy to live in. It is a really large region that encompasses towns, cities, and rural areas. This provides you with lots of options and alternatives to choose from. If you want enthralling city life, there are cities like Milan and Turin.

And if you wish for invigorating country life enriched with natural wealth, Emilia-Romagna is a perfect alternative. There is just the perfect place for everyone in Northern Italy. The living costs, accommodation and in general, in the North are much lower than South. This is regardless of the city or town you choose to live in. plus, with so many splendid cities close by, you can experience the glories of city life and not feel isolated.

Most beautiful regions in Italy to live in: conclusion

Italy has a perfect place for everyone! No matter what your preferences are, you can find the right region to live in for yourself, one that is within your budget and is breathtakingly beautiful. Now that we have narrowed down the selection for you, you can easily choose from these 5 most beautiful regions to live in Italy.

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