6 Ways to Save Up For Your Next Vacation More Quickly

Written By Alla Levin
May 11, 2022

6 Ways to Save Up For Your Next Vacation More Quickly

Exploring new places and going on vacation are the things that make hard work worthwhile. Being able to take time off and go on adventures is rewarding.

However, most people struggle to save up for vacations because they haven’t created a plan for how to save for the future.  Saving up for years can be challenging. Here are 6 quick ways to save for a vacation quickly and effectively:

Use Automatic Savings Options

Some employers offer the option to split your paychecks into multiple different accounts for your direct deposit. When you’re trying to save for a vacation, out of sight, and out of mind can be a great method to help you better save.

Automatic transfers into savings accounts can give you the momentum you need to save more aggressively. 

Manage Your Spending Better Using AppsSave Up For Your Next Vacation

Online banking has made leaps and bounds in recent years. Mobile banking apps offer tools to help you better manage your spending. When you are following a budget, these apps can help you see exactly where your money is going each month.

ONE is an online bank that has created a tool called Pockets to help consumers budget and save.

You can give each Pocket its own name and assign a dollar amount to it. As you spend against Pockets devoted to rent, utilities, food, cleaning supplies, and going out to eat, you can get a better idea of how much you’re spending and if you have a tendency to spend more than you planned on a certain category.

This can help you reign in your spending so that you can put more money into a Pocket devoted to vacation.

Pick up a Temporary Side Gig

Making more money is the easiest way to fund a vacation quickly. With apps like Uber and Doordash, you can now earn extra money on your way home from work. By picking up freelance jobs, you can use different side gigs to earn extra cash in very little time. 

Save Your Extra Paychecks

If you’re on a bi-weekly pay schedule, this means that twice a year you’ll get an extra paycheck. While these can be helpful to save up for emergencies or buy a big-ticket item you’ve been wanting, they also present the perfect opportunity to save for your vacation. Plan ahead to save these extra paychecks for your emergency fund, and save part of it for a future vacation.

Try Some DIY Drinks and Food

Things like morning coffee are essential for a productive routine. However, the cost of coffee every morning can add up. If you are going out to eat for lunch and attending regular happy hours with coworkers, the costs can increase exponentially. Try cooking meals at home to save money for your vacations more quickly.  

Find Travel Deals

When you’re booking your ideal vacation, finding travel deals can help you take vacations more often. Getting a great rate on a weekend getaway to Las Vegas when you have just enough saved up already can be your ticket to adventure.

Instead of needing huge lump sums saved up for one big trip every few years, setting aside just enough to snatch up a weekend deal can be what you need for rest, rejuvenation, and fun. Keeping your vacation needs more flexible gives you a chance to be more spontaneous.

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