Leaders in Lingerie: 3 Entrepreneurs Who Found Success In Intimate Apparel

Written By Alla Levin
May 11, 2022

Leaders in Lingerie: 3 Entrepreneurs Who Found Success In Intimate Apparel

Working for yourself can be rather exhilarating. You might never know where each day will take you. If you are contemplating becoming your own boss, and have a knack for fashion, you may want to consider the lingerie market.

A number of people have found their success crafting undergarments for the public. You may be able to do especially well if you are able to spot a gap in the existing market that is yet to be filled, and then make products that meet that requirement.

One entrepreneur who looked for a gap, and managed to find one, was David Spector, ThirdLove, alongside his wife Heidi Zak. One of Zak’s biggest issues, when lingerie shopping, may have been the struggle to find garments that fit comfortably and were able to contain both breasts without being restrictive or too loose.

Spector and Zak created ThirdLove to give customers the chance to buy products that may be more suited to their body type.

Within this, they also chose to offer half-cup sizes, rather than standard ones, due to the realization that some customers might not fit comfortably within the traditional sizes. Breaking away from the norm can sometimes be risky, however, it paid off for ThirdLove, which grew in strength from year to year.

There is also a growing trend for well-known celebrities to branch out into the world of fashion. Among them is Rihanna, who many people might associate with music. In 2018, Rihanna launched her Savage x Fenty brand, which aimed to be more inclusive while making women feel more confident.

It is entirely possible that many customers might have initially bought her products simply due to the association with the singer. However, within the first month of trading, her debut collection had completely sold out. Following this, Rihanna was also able to create other lines to fund her own non-profit foundation.

It isn’t just designers of lingerie that you need to consider. Sometimes the boutiques that sell them could be just as important. While you may be able to buy a selection of standard bras from many retail stores, there may come a time when you require a more specialist set. That could be the case if you have undergone a mastectomy. 

In 2013, Dana Walker was diagnosed with breast cancer. After recovery, this led to her opening Cinderella’s Closet Lingerie in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

For many women, the loss of one, or both, breasts to this terrible disease can hamper their confidence. In addition to this, there may be a number of lingerie requirements post-surgery. Therefore, having a place to go where these items are readily available can be beneficial, and provide a lucrative business for individuals such as Walker.

Creating lingerie can take a lot of time, especially if you want to make sure you find that lucrative gap in the market. In doing so, you may be able to help a number of women not only find the right undergarments to suit their lifestyle, but also increase their body confidence.

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