How To Use Creative Packaging 

Written By Alla Levin
May 24, 2022

How To Use Creative Packaging 

One of the challenges of operating inside the digital world is finding the opportunity to connect with your customers physically. One of the best aspects of living in a digital world is the high level of convenience.

Since the rise of the internet and the technological advancements of the last two decades, society has changed drastically. Friends and family are easy to stay in touch with around the globe, and online shopping has redefined the way people view commerce. 

At one point in time, a business had a responsibility primarily to its geographic location. Still, thanks to the internet and the popularity of eCommerce, competitive industries find they now have a global audience. Massive companies like Amazon have shown how powerful the convenience of online shopping can be and have caused other business concepts to get creative and adapt so they can compete. 

One thing that the rise of the digital age has done, is that it made it increasingly difficult for businesses and brands to stand out. With so much access, the average consumer has more information than they have ever had. Search engines like Google allow access to massive amounts of information, and this can lend itself to some pretty complex marketing problems. 

With customers having more options than ever before, how can you make your brand unique? In what ways can you create something that stands out against the competition and grabs attention, and creates the customer loyalty that your brand needs to be successful. 

While there are many options that businesses can take to find success in marketing, one powerful way that you can stand out in the digital age is through custom mailer boxes. These boxes allow you and your team to use creative packaging to do a couple of key things such as communicate to your customers through a unique, meaningful medium, as well as establish your brand.

If you have been curious about how you can use creative packaging to help your business reach its goals, here is everything you need to know! 

Do People Want Connection?communicate to your customers

Yes, the fact that technology has moved the needle in so many incredible ways affecting everything from health care to commerce and transportation, is a good thing, but some things about humans don’t change. One of those core, central aspects of humanity is the need and desire for connection. 

At one point in time, connecting was something that happened in abundance when it came to commerce. Brick and mortar locations were the main way of getting the goods you needed and so you had some kind of connection every time you went shopping.

You get in your car, drive to the location, peruse the isles with your physical cart and physically acquire the items you need. All of this spoke to connection and to a degree was a massive opportunity for establishing your brand. What kind of customer service did the customer receive while shopping? What were conveniences such as a shopping cart afforded them? How much room did they have, what colors were they seeing – all of this went into creating a relationship with the customer.

As more and more customers want to make their purchases from an online storefront, creative packaging allows for you to still have a meaningful connection despite the digital platform. This is a way for your customer to interact with your brand in a tangible way. 

What Does Packaging Accomplish? 

The main function of packaging is to store and deliver a product safely. This is the most crucial aspect of this functional tool; however, if you view packaging this way, you miss out on an opportunity to use it as a message. Because people are hungry for connection, they want to be communicated to. When you embrace creative packaging as a method of communication, you open the door for a lot of meaningful opportunities. 

Creative Packaging Says That The Customer MattersCreative Packaging Says That The Customer Matters

Branded, creative packaging says that the customer matters. These custom mailer boxes had time, effort, and intention put into them. When a customer holds what could just be a functional box but instead is a uniquely curated moment, they feel a sense of appreciation and worth. 

Creative Packaging Expands Your Brand

Creative packaging extends the product held inside and becomes a powerful way of expanding your brand. Associating your brand with high-quality packaging helps to convey that your brand is worth your customer’s time and money and that they made the right decision. 

Creative Packaging Is Assurance 

When a customer is trying out your brand for the first time, a well-branded, high-quality creative package can go a long way to ensure they made the right decision. Because customers have so much access to competition, this creates a unique opportunity to help them understand they made the best decision when they chose your brand. 

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