7 Keys For Choosing Your Sports Bra

Written By Alla Levin
June 09, 2022

7 Keys For Choosing Your Sports Bra

Have you always used the usual sports bra or do you need a new one but you are missing out on a lot of offers? Relax, we help you become proficient in sports bras and, above all, to feel comfortable and safe during your training.

Aesthetics is definitely the last part you should look for when choosing a good sports bra. And it is not the same if you love running, yoga, or mountaineering. Fortunately, there are now individual breast brakes and a woman type, even if you are breastfeeding, have prostheses, or have ever had breast cancer. And she is beautiful!

There are the first two sports bras groups: the one that covers the bust (in the cup) and the ones that offer compression, the sports specialist at deporvillage. The former is very stable, although many women like it which gives compression because it is strong. As this expert puts it, in order to choose the right dress we need to consider the degree of distortion of the events we take, our level of feeling, and even factors such as age.

There is no measure of the strength level, this measure depends very much on the size of the signal, says bustos. But you will find clothing for every type of sport, such as running or strength.

The keys to making the sports bra fit

  1. Growth comes first. De gonzalo explained that the size of a sports box consists of two dimensions: an inch spinal cord and usually 80 to 105; and match the breast cup, color (b, c, d, and e), and breast size. S, m, and l size arrows are very common and do not guarantee adequate support. The size of the cup (for example, 90 c) provides complete chest compression and mobility, as well as protection against injury.
  2. Wearing a hoop. “breast implants below the fall can cause internal scars and breast instability,” the expert emphasizes.
  3. Choose it depending on the outcome or game. For sports that do not look like pilates or yoga, the expert says that bulletproof support is sufficient. “moderate sports, such as walking or cycling, require a strong brace. For sports such as aerobics, basketball, mountain biking, or running, where the bra has to resist heavy walking, the support should be very strong.
  4. Ergonomic model. As the selmark scholar explains, the chest should remain separate so that it does not come along with the middle part, causing rupture and movement and not guaranteeing full support.
  5. Respiratory and quick-drying materials. De Gonzalo recommends choosing microfibers, whose breathability and strength of drying are much higher than those of cotton.” “there are machines that can remove sweat, keep the chest dry, the expert adds.
  6. Sealed lines and flat seams. As this expert points out, technically important in a good sports broker, sports clothing should be as “clean” as possible, to prevent thick seams, stains, and coverings in contact with the skin to prevent itching and irritation.
  7. Always try before you buy. “Even if you already know your measurements, you don’t have to trust them,” says de gonzalo. Not all brakes or modes are the same and you should try on the brakes before you buy, and make sure the part that holds the two cups touches your skin, even if it never presses or hurts you.” as the expert puts it, cups should gather in the chest. “notice that the back strap, when attached, is not too high but is as long as your chest.

Finally, he raises his hands and checks that the brace is still in place and has not moved. And to finish, he does some jumping and sees that the movement of your chest is almost zero ”. If all is well: eureka! You’ve got your perfect sports bra.

How much do a good sports brush cost you?choosing sports bra

In the market, you get options ranging from $20 to over €100. But we do not recommend jumping on the dress that the quality of your chest depends on.

Signs that the pants are not suitable for you

As they quote deporvillage, the biggest sign that sports brakes aren’t working well is comfort and some pressure brakes may feel uncomfortable at first, but that feeling doesn’t change into discomfort. You need to find a balance between support and stability because it affects our comfort and even our ability to breathe.

On the other hand, as noted by the deporvillage expert, the bra cannot release or move. Therefore, some models have silicone films or special threads on the edges to prevent slipping. It is also important that the lines do not cause damage; the thin rope may be less visible, but can be “sharp” if used in more involved sports, the expert said.

What is the biggest mistake in choosing a sports broker? Experts point out that the most common mistake is to choose the wrong size, so we need to pay attention to the size of each manufacturer’s catalog, as it can vary from one type to another.

Finally, Bustos adds that these garments should be well cared for, as “salt from sweat and their use causes a greater loss than traditional brakes.” “we need to pay close attention to the quality and durability of the fabric, avoiding laundry and soft materials that defile it,” he adds.

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