Tips to Find One of the Best Apartments on Your Budget

Written By Alla Levin
June 20, 2022

Tips to Find One of the Best Apartments on Your Budget

Have a tight deadline? Don’t let it stop you from doing your research. First, decide what kind of neighborhood you want. Then, figure out what amenities you need. Then, create two lists before you step foot in a potential apartment. Here are a few other tips for finding one of the best apartments on your budget. Regardless of your timeline, it would help if you still took the time to prepare and research your options.

Negotiate with the landlord

If you’re a first-time tenant, one of the first things to do is negotiate with the landlord to get the best possible apartment renting in Baltimore. Landlords are typically reluctant to reduce their rent when struggling to fill their units, but they should understand that you have options. It may be worthwhile to request a fee waiver or appliance replacement if you need it. Ask the landlord to explain why the change will benefit you.

The first of the month is not the best time to negotiate with a landlord, as it corresponds with a rush of new applications and reduces your leverage. If you’re planning on renewing your lease in a few months, try negotiating in winter when landlords struggle to find tenants. It may be worth dealing with in the spring or summer when landlords are less likely to turn down new tenants.

The best apartments on a budget: prepare paperwork before apartment-huntingapartment renting in Baltimore

When apartment-hunting, it’s a good idea to prepare all of your documents ahead of time. Make sure you have proof of identity, employment history, and rental history. You may also need a checkbook for a possible application fee. Once you have everything you need, prepare to begin the application process. Here are some helpful tips. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you’re applying.

One of the most critical steps before apartment hunting is to bring a copy of your photo ID. If you don’t have a copy with you, take a picture of it or scan it. You’ll also need your original photo ID with you, as landlords may want to verify your identity. Be prepared to present your original photo ID, even if you don’t plan on applying in person. Remember to ask two trusted people to give you their references. One should be a friend or colleague, while the other should be a professional.

Step through the neighborhood to find a place that fits your needs

When searching for a new neighborhood, spend some time walking through the area to get a feel for the local culture. Observe if friendly residents greet you or if you’re ignored. If you notice that there are abandoned buildings, these are likely slated for commercial development and could change the neighborhood’s vibe. It’s also a good idea to ask about the schools.

Another tip is to consider your daily commute. Are there major highways nearby? If you need to get to work by car, consider a neighborhood with easy highway access. If you commute by public transportation, take note of how long it takes to walk to the nearest station. It would help if you also considered recent crime statistics and neighborhood trends. Take note of all the amenities available in the area. Whether they are nearby or far away, you will want to find a place that fits your lifestyle.

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