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What You Need to Know Before Becoming a Marriage Therapist

A therapist is someone who helps people with relationships, stress, anxiety, and depression by listening to them and giving advice or suggesting changes to how a person should live. You may think that a counselor does the same thing, but the job role differs slightly.

For instance, they lack formal training in therapy-related topics. They usually study counseling instead of psychology, and so if you are thinking of becoming a therapist, and more specifically a marriage therapist, this is one of the first things you need to know before you embark on this career path.

However, what else do you need to know?

You Can Get Educated Online

Many therapists get their qualifications in person, but online programs are available and becoming a popular option. Programs like the Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy are a great choice for people looking to go into marriage therapy. There are certain core requirements that you must take, but there are also elective courses you can take if required.

There Are Other Branchesbecoming a marriage therapist

If you want to become a marriage therapist, you can take a specialist program, but therapists may work in a variety of fields, including:

  • Residential care for adults with learning disabilities, mental health problems, and dementia;
  • Inpatient and outpatient services in hospitals or clinics;
  • Research through university or private practice.

Some therapists become academics and teach others about the benefits of therapy. They may also carry out their own original research into different therapies, such as art therapy. It can be useful to learn about these different branches before making a decision, but even if you choose marriage therapy, there is nothing to stop you from expanding your experience.

Educating yourself in multiple fields of therapy can help, as therapists will find themselves dealing with anxiety and depression and social skills no matter their chosen field. Addiction counseling and support is also another big area of expertise of some therapists – it can be helpful to be aware of how to deal with people struggling with these.

A Rewarding Job

It’s true that the job of a marriage therapist isn’t an easy one, but it is rewarding in more ways than one. Knowing that you are able to help others is often a great source of pride for some therapists. Therapists are far more than just people who help others with depression, anxiety, and relationship problems. While any therapist can make use of these skills in their practice, it’s not an area exclusive to them alone.

The Road to Becoming a Marriage Therapist – What Are The Steps?

If you’re interested in becoming a marriage therapist, you’ll need to get a degree first. Many people would like to become a therapist without having taken the time and effort to study, but it is essential to have all the time and energy put into it that you can.

There are many routes that can be taken to becoming a therapist, but they all lead through some form of post-secondary certification in order for therapists to legally practice their profession.

In order to become a registered professional therapist, you may need a Bachelor’s degree either in the field of Therapy or a complementary course. Then once you have this, you need a specific therapy qualification – this can be obtained through an undergraduate program offered by universities or even online courses as discussed above.

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