Top Social Media Monitoring Tools

Written By Alla Levin
June 29, 2022
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Top Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social media is no longer a platform for sharing personal photos and videos. They currently play a role in sharing customers’ experiences and reviews for specific services. And social media users trust the stories and experiences of their peers just because they are sharing them online.

So, if you want to be a part of the trending scene in your business field, you need a powerful social media monitoring tool on demand. There are many reasons that make using a social monitoring tool a necessity, not a luxury. Here is a couple of them:

Improving social media presence

Social media monitoring gives you in-depth knowledge about people’s opinions all over the web. So, if you want to take your social presence to the next level, you will definitely need to know users’ reactions to every detail related to your business. Proper management of social presence will not happen unless you opt for a monitoring tool. This way, you can take the pulse of your audience all the time.

Enhancing your brand image: social media monitoring toolsEnhancing your brand image

Consumers are sharing multiple stories about their experiences, whether they were bad or good. You need to be a part of this discussion. If the discussions go well, you should thank your clients for their contributions. If the conversations are negative, you will have a golden opportunity to act fast and solve any issue before it escalates.

That said, you might feel a bit confused when it comes to differentiating between social monitoring and social monitoring. So, before you start looking for a monitoring tool, you need to know the real difference between these concepts.

Social media listening vs. social media monitoring

Despite the obvious difference between social listening and monitoring, many people tend to confuse them or think they are both the same. As the name suggests, social media monitoring is just about gathering data from social platforms. This occurs when your monitoring tools detect mentions and hashtags related to you or your competitors.

They also observe the latest trends in your specific business fields. So, as you can see, you can get important information through powerful and trustworthy monitoring tools or platforms. But settling for monitoring alone won’t give you the full picture. It is never good enough without turning the collected data into processed and analyzed information that allows you to read your market.

As for social media listening, it is the other part necessary to see the whole picture. It actually investigates and studies the way your audience looks at your brand and your competitors’ simultaneously. Social media listening takes care of the analysis and processing of the collected data.

Through listening tools, you will know more than the number of times people talk about your brand. Listening tools will put context and meaning to these numbers. This way, you can benefit from monitoring and analyzing processes in pushing your business forward. Listening tools allow you to get both negative and positive contexts of brand mentions all over the internet.

This way, you can keep doing good and react quickly if your target audience has a negative perception of you.

Social media listening is not just about paving the way for future brand success. It is about looking backward as well. This way, you can get the whole picture of what you did in the past that has led to building your brand perception and image.

The top social media monitoring toolsThe top social media monitoring tools

  • SentiOne 

SentiOne has everything you would need to manage and monitor your social media. This software operates using AI technology. Such a thing enables you to use bots, data analysis tools, and necessary customer care services. SentiOne provides listening services that allow you to read and understand your audience properly. It offers services such as keyword tracking, research, and analytics for collected data. You can use the tool’s dashboard to set automated alerts whenever there is a conversation that matters to you. The tools operate just fine on various social platforms, websites, and blogs. Online forums are also among the tool’s data sources. The monthly cost for getting this tool is $229. SentiOne offers a free trial version if you are interested in testing its features.

  • BrandMentions 

It is a monitoring tool for social media platforms. It helps you track discussions about your brand. Additionally, the tool allows you to track mentions and conversations about your company’s competitors as well as the entire industry. One of the biggest benefits of using this tool is the option of including the numbers of your website visitors in the monitoring analytics. Budget-wise, the tool is not pricy, as it costs $49 per month. So, it can fit the needs of a small business.

  • Keyhole 

Many professional digital markers like this tool for what it offers. It helps them see the echo of their campaigns. It also allows them to collect and analyze data related to social mentions, influencers’ monitoring, and competition tracking. With all these benefits, the tool is easy to navigate and control. There are different price packages, and the first one costs $30 per month.

  • Sprout Social 

This tool works for the purposes of monitoring and managing social media platforms. When you use this tool, you can manage your posting schedule. Also, you can gain consumer insight and feedback related to your products and campaigns. One of the things that make this tool really useful is its ability to perform listening functions. For instance, you can use it to track the keywords and phrases of your competitors. You can also rely on it when you want to find influencers to help with your marketing goals. You can get its basic package for $99, but it doesn’t offer a lot of lucrative features.

  • YouScan 

This tool provides a combo of monitoring and listening features at the same time. The tool works on social media, websites, and forums. Also, it is backed with AI technology. The monitoring services include identifying your brand logo and tracking influencers with the same views as your brand. But all of this doesn’t come at a moderate price, as you will have to pay $12k yearly to have access to its advanced features.

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