What PPE do Home Builders Wear?

Written By Alla Levin
July 04, 2022

What PPE do Home Builders Wear?

If you work in construction and build homes for a living, it is vital that you know what PPE you should be wearing. PPE is essential for protecting builders against the various hazards that you face when building a home as this can be work that is dangerous and can lead to serious injury. So, what PPE should you be using if you are building homes?

Hard Hats

First, you need to make sure that you are protecting your head in the form of hard hat helmets. When building a home, there is the risk of bricks and other materials falling from height and this is a very serious and potentially fatal accident. Hard hats will provide protection for your head as well as peace of mind.


Goggles are also an important form of PPE that will protect your eyes during the building process. This is because building a new home will create a lot of dust and other airborne materials, which can cause irritation and serious damage to your eyes. Goggles will allow you to work with confidence and prevent anything from flying in your eyes during the process.

Respiratory Protectionwhat PPE do home builders wear

Leading on from this, you should also be wearing respiratory protection such as masks or respirator filters when carrying out tasks that create airborne materials like dust or concrete (or if harmful fumes are being produced). Very serious lung disease and long-term breathing issues can arise during construction if workers do not wear respiratory protection and this is not something that you want to risk.

High Visibility Clothing

High visibility clothing should be worn by anyone that is working on-site, especially in high-traffic areas. High visibility clothing is important because it allows others to know exactly where you are at all times, which can help to prevent accidents and collisions.

Protective Gloves

While building a home, it is important that you protect your hands with the use of protective gloves. Building a home will require a lot of work with rough materials like brickwork and concrete, so you want to protect your hands from injury with the use of protective gloves. Wearing protective gloves can also make heavy lifting much easier.

Steel Tipped Boots

You also need to protect your feet with steel-tipped boots. PPE footwear can provide protection from items falling from a height or if you drop anything while carrying it, plus they can also provide protection from stubbing your toe and stepping on items like nails.

These are the main forms of PPE that should be worn during the construction of a home. Building homes can be a dangerous job with many hazards, but with the use of PPE, you can reduce the chance of injury and work with confidence each day.

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