The World Wide Web and Canadians

Written By Alla Levin
July 06, 2022

The World Wide Web and Canadians

In Canada, access to high-speed internet is officially recognized as a basic life service. The Canadian government plans to provide all citizens of the country with this service. About 750 million Canadian dollars are allocated for these purposes.

The government plans to increase the level of service for wireless networks so that smartphone owners can fully use the capabilities of their gadgets as wireless communication devices and access to the World Wide Web. There are plenty of options as to what Canadians are doing online.

Social networks

Social networks are one of the most popular online leisure activities. 84% of Canadians use Facebook, 59% of them use YouTube, 42% of internet users use Twitter, and 37% are constantly posting and browsing Instagram. But on smartphones, Twitter is popular, because its messages are short and do not waste expensive traffic from mobile operators.

Online shoppingOnline shopping

As traditional retail channels collapse, Canadians, who are among the world’s most active Internet users, have embraced e-commerce. By 2025, online shopping in Canada is expected to be 72.5 percent. In Canadian online stores, you can buy almost everything from electronics to food.

Consumer electronics and media are the most popular product categories for now. Canadians use credit cards and PayPal to shop online. According to industry forecasts, e-wallets will account for 27 percent of online payments by 2025.

World wide web and Canadians: education

With constant technological advancement, online education in Canada is growing rapidly. Students from all over the world can study at any online university in Canada without leaving the country. More and more students are looking for a list of accredited online universities in Canada because this country offers some of the best study centers. Their diplomas are highly valued and students who are studying there receive an excellent knowledge base.

In addition, this format offers excellent opportunities for flexible learning, which is convenient for the students themselves. It allows many Canadians to combine work with education.

Online gamblingOnline gambling

Canadians play live casinos with great desire and pleasure. Legislatively, such activities are allowed only in certain provinces, but no one forbids Canadian citizens from betting money on the Internet.

What do exactly Canadians like to play online? Without a doubt, slots are the leader among Canadians’ favorite online games. Online slots rightfully occupy the first place. They attract Canadians with large winnings, dynamism, an interesting plot, and various bonus offers. Bingo, keno, and other similar entertainments are in high demand. You can also add scratch cards and live casino games to this list.

Canadians cannot live without poker, blackjack, and baccarat. These games with simple rules are very popular with both Canadian beginners and experienced players. The next step in the ranking table for Canadians is roulette.

They do not mind relying on the will of fate, trying out a new strategy, or taking a chance of winning a decent amount. What Canadian would refuse? Rounding out the list of favorite online games for Canadians are dice and various mini-games.

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