How Much Do Dental Implants Cost
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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

A smile is worth a thousand words, or so they say. Unfortunately, some people don’t get genetically lucky with their teeth. Not everyone can have that perfect smile naturally. Sometimes no matter how much effort and care someone puts into taking care of their teeth; they still need implants.

Thanks to technology and talented dentists, these days, anyone can achieve that smile in the long run. But how much do dental implants cost? Well, let’s break it down.

Cost Break Downs

Every dentist’s office differs in what they charge for dental implants. However, the overall range is about $1500 to $2000 per implant. Unfortunately, that’s simply for the implant and doesn’t include other necessary procedures to make the implants possible.

You also will pay for any office visits you have during the process. Generally, you have to have the tooth or root extracted before you are ready for the next step. The abutment, the portion implanted that the new tooth or crown attaches to, also has a separate cost.

It brings the total up to about $3000 to $5000 per tooth. So, it’s essential to realize that dental implants are a significant investment.

What Goes into The Decisions on How to Set Those Prices?How Much Do Dental Implants Cost

Several factors determine a dental clinic or implant clinic’s prices. Experience matters, so when choosing your dentist for implants, know that the more experience they have, the more it will cost. However, paying that extra can be worth it for the quality of treatment you will get.

Other things increase the overall cost of dental implants. For one, the materials used can affect how much they charge. Titanium is one of the most common materials used in abutments and posts for implants. It can be a pricy material to work with.

More than Just Implants

Understanding why implants cost so much helps to understand the entire process. Let’s look at what goes into having a tooth implanted. First, you need to understand that dental implants are a surgical procedure. Though they are done in a dental office, it’s still a minor surgery.

The objective is to replace one or more missing teeth by putting in a screw-like post to act as roots for the new crown. Most people prefer dental implants over dentures because dental implants are a more robust and more comfortable long-term option than dentures.

A Full Exam

Every implant procedure starts with a comprehensive exam. The techs will do X-rays and likely take detailed 3D images to create a model of your mouth. This advanced method is much more accurate than the old bite-down molds.

They’ll also ask about your medical history and any conditions, medications, and supplements you might take. Some things may disqualify you from going through dental implants. That’s because some medications or conditions could make it a safety risk.

Once you’re done with the exam, you will sit with your dentist and discuss your treatment plan. Treatment plans are always individualized as no implants are the same.

Bone Grafting to Heal Damaged Jaw

If you’ve lost bone in the jaw, you may require more surgical procedures before starting the implant process.

That step can include bone grafting to ensure that you have enough bone for the metal post to be a permanent solution. You’ll then have to wait for that bone graft to heal. This takes time; implants are a process, not an instant fix.

Implanting the Post

Next, they’ll place the post for your new tooth. Once it’s in place, you’ll have to wait for the bone to heal and grow around it. This whole process can take months from start to finish. Still, it also provides the most realistic and natural feeling option for replacing missing teeth.

Abutment PlacementNew Tooth Dental Implant Costs

Once your post is secure and healed, you will go in for the abutment placing. Your dental surgeon will again have to cut your gums slightly to expose the post of the dental implant, and the abutment then screws in and the gums closed. This healing phase usually takes about two weeks.

During your healing time, the dental clinic will be busy working with a lab to make your tooth replacement so that the prosthetic is ready to go when your gums are healed.

Finally, a New Tooth Dental Implant Costs

You can have a removable tooth or one that is fixed in place with a screw and or cemented onto the abutment. The lab costs associated with making this prosthetic are part of what adds to the dental implant cost. Depending on what your dentist thinks will work best for your mouth. Today’s 3D scans make getting the best quality tooth replacement a little easier.

Healing Pain and Downtime

Even though this is surgery, you don’t have to spend much time down. When looking at the overall cost, you may need to consider how much time you have to take off work. You should avoid anything too strenuous while you heal, but most people don’t have to take extra time off work. Make sure to talk to your dentist when making your treatment plan if you are concerned about this.

Now that you know everything that goes into a dental implant procedure, it’s a little easier to understand why they are expensive. The thing is, however, that this is designed to last and give you the most realistic look and feel. Once your procedures are done, it will be impossible for anyone else to tell you that your teeth aren’t real.

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