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4 Gifts Your Special Someone Will Love This Year

Gift-giving isn’t something that only applies to people who understand that love language. The excitement of receiving a gift from a loved one is universal. It shows you that someone you care about not only cares about you but is doing something to show it.  

Gifts also represent a time to create memories and to celebrate. Gifts are used to commemorate occasions like anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, and accomplishments, but they can also be used to bring a little more color to the normal and mundane. The truth is, if you love someone, you always have a reason to send a gift, and with Goody, this can be something that you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to do. 

If you have been wondering how you can up your gift game this year and show that special someone how much you love them, here is everything you need to know! 

Re-inventing The Wheel

Before jumping into some of the best gifts to send your loved one, let’s first talk about how Goody can make gift-giving something you can do any time and anywhere. Goody is a gifting service that takes all the hassle and stress out of gift-giving without detracting from the thought that makes it count.

Gifts are an incredible way to show thoughtfulness and intention and a great way to let people know you appreciate them. 

Giving a gift, for many people, is more satisfying than receiving one. There is an element of work involved in giving a gift that has a huge payoff when the person loves what you gave them. What Goody does, is it provides an online platform for you to do this without having to mess around with shopping malls, shipping addresses, or special packaging. 

How it works is once you make your Goody account, your search for the perfect gift for your loved one. You can search various ways by item, occasion, brand, or price point. The good news is that Goody only keeps a catalog of trending articles, so all your choices will be ones that your special someone will love. 

Once you pick your gift, you have the chance to choose from a variety of high-quality, beautiful e-cards that look amazing on any display. These cards can be customized with a special message. Sending the gift is easy, all you have to do is put in the recipient’s email or phone number. Once they get the email or text, they accept the gift and put it in their own address so Goody can ship directly to them. 

Combining the ease of online shopping with the personal intention of gift-giving has never been so easy and effective. Here are 5 awesome gifts to consider giving this year! 

The Mug That Stays WarmThe Mug That Stays Warm

Is your special someone a coffee or tea aficionado? If so, then getting them an Ember mug is something they won’t forget. These high-end mugs are built with thermal technology that helps keep your beverage at specific temperatures from the initial pour to the last sip. These mugs are not only designed to keep your drink warm to a specific temperature but also look and feel amazing in the hand. 

The best part about sending an Ember mug is that you can transform your loved one’s favorite everyday routines and make them even better!

Succulents On a Tuesday

One of the best parts about getting gifts for your loved one is that you don’t need an ‘occasion’ to do this. Sending them a surprise gift on any day of the week, for the express reason that you want to make them happy, is a power move!

If you want to really impress, send them the gift of succulents. These tiny plants are a trend that’s here to stay. Calming and beautiful to look at, they take very little maintenance and make a great just because gift. 

Gift the Gift of CandlesGift the Gift of Candles

Does your loved one enjoy baths or always fill their home with a sweet aroma? Try sending them the gift of Homesick Candles. These candles are specifically designed to create a nostalgic experience that will always remind you of home and make you feel good inside. If your loved one is a candle lover, you can’t go wrong with Homesick Candles. 

Nothing Says I Love You – Like Baked Sweets

Levain Bakery is famous for its incredible assortment of cookies and sweets. If you want to score some actual brownie points, send your loved one a specialty Levain Bakery care package.


There are so many incredible ways to show someone that you are thinking about them, and Goody makes it easier than ever. With these four amazing gifts, and much more, you can’t go wrong using Goody to send a little love this year. 

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Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures.

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Alla Levin

Hi, I’m Alla, a Seattle business and lifestyle content creator who can’t get enough of business innovations, arts, not ordinary people and adventures. My mission is to help you grow in your creativity, travel the world, and live life to the absolute fullest!


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