How to Boost Employee Happiness

Written By Alla Levin
July 21, 2022

How to Boost Employee Happiness

Employee happiness is a metric that isn’t commonly found in company growth reports, but it is nonetheless a hugely important facet of a working business. The equation is simple: unhappy employees are less likely to work effectively and more likely to leave – both of which cost time and money. But how can you approach employee happiness within your business?

Flexible Working

Flexible working is a ‘new normal’ for the working population after the stay-at-home measures introduced during the coronavirus pandemic demonstrated the feasibility of remote working and flexible hours.

Giving workers the power to alter their working hours enables them to manage better their personal life and the logistics involved in transport to and from work. Hybrid working offers another level of flexibility and helps staff make work decisions for their comfort.

Not only do these options give workers more autonomy, but they are also, in a sense, non-negotiable. According to a recent study, more than half of the UK’s working population would leave their current role if hybrid working was rescinded as an option.

Growth OpportunitiesGrowth Opportunities

Another key provision you should be making to ensure employee happiness relates to growth and development. If a workforce member perceives their role to be ‘dead-end,’ they are more likely to feel expendable and less likely to bring their best to their position.

A powerful way to counteract this is to invest more actively in employee development. Even if roles have no natural progression route, offering staff training and development programs can ensure they feel valued and help them build their career from a safe position.

Dependable Infrastructure

This is another basic courtesy that your business should extend to its employees. It is also something that, if gotten right, can inspire more confidence from your staff and help build a long-lasting, skilled team. Re-assuring your workers that they can trust you and the business at significant makes for a happier, more relaxed workforce.

One key way to achieve this is by guaranteeing regular wage payments. This is a surprisingly common issue for start-ups, especially those with emergent cashflow issues. Investing early in accounting solutions like payroll software can help manage your staff’s needs, and ensure that slip-ups are minimal when it comes to paying.


Lastly, an employee’s work should never go unrecognized. Regular check-ins with individual staff members to thank them for their recent contributions can go a long way to preserving office harmony.

In the case of a big project or deadline, a physical gift could be incorporated as thanks for going the extra mile. Little touches can have a big impact – the more valued a staff member feels, the more likely they will remain happy.

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