What Are The Milestone Birthdays?

Written By Alla Levin
July 25, 2022

What Are The Milestone Birthdays?

Birthdays should always be celebrated. Don’t allow these fantastic milestones to pass you by without enjoying them. For various people and cultures, birthdays hold distinct meanings. Here’s how to make birthdays memorable for all the right reasons, whether you decide to throw a party or just have a quiet celebration.

1st Birthday

First birthday celebrations are one of the most exciting for your family; after all, it is a significant milestone and achievement. Why not gift a loved one a copy of your favorite childhood book on their first birthday, with a little handwritten note so they can read it in the future.

In Chinese culture, traditionally, they play a “grabbing game” on your first birthday. There are books, jewelry, and cutlery on display. What they grab determines their fate; therefore, someone who grabs a pen might end up as a writer when they are older.

18th Birthday

Many of us view the official end of childhood as 18. You can now vote, make your own decisions, and go to the bar or clubbing because you’re an adult!  This is a great time to get someone a grown-up gift, such as a weekend away, jewelry, or their first designer item.

21st BirthdayWhat Are The Milestone Birthdays

Your 21st birthday is also a momentous day that many of us look forward to. This is usually a bit more sophisticated than your 18th and is a perfect opportunity to go away with friends to a nice cocktail bar! For this birthday, why not get a loved one an investment piece – such as artwork or a gold necklace that will increase in value.

30th birthday

At thirty, many of us have begun to “settle down,” so posh home goods are always kind and welcoming presents. You most likely put a lot of effort into your career during the last several years. Make the most of the opportunity to unwind on your 30th birthday.

Even if only for a few weeks, travel to the destinations you’ve always wanted to visit and get away from the stress of everyday life. If someone you know is turning 30 this year, make sure you also pick them up a thoughtful 30th birthday card!

60th Birthday

After age 60, many of us will be aiming to switch from full-time employment to full-time leisure, or at least only working part-time. Why not pick up a new skill to mark your newly acquired freedom? Try something that you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the time for, like dancing, art, cooking, or to learning a language.

What are the milestone birthdays: 90th Birthday

Being 90 is a significant accomplishment and one well worth celebrating. In the UK, the average life expectancy is 75 for males and 80 for women (women). The Japanese have the longest life expectancy at 84.9 (for women) and 78.1 (for males) (men).

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