Vietnamese Cuisine – Why Is It So Popular?

Written By Alla Levin
July 25, 2022

Vietnamese Cuisine – Why Is It So Popular?

Aussie diners have always had a love affair with exotic international cuisine, and most people have their favorites, whether it be Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Thai, or any of a whole host of others. Lately, Vietnamese food has risen in popularity rather rapidly, and in this article, we’re going to investigate why that is. 

There Are Many Vietnamese Restaurants To Choose From

If you happen to reside in the Sydney area, where there is a healthy population of people of Vietnamese origin, you’ll be spoilt for choice regarding Vietnamese restaurants. When it comes to delicious Vietnamese dishes, Western Sydney is the best place to be.

One key thing that’s led to a rise in the popularity of food from this Southeast Asian country is availability. No matter where you are in Australia, Vietnamese restaurants seem to be popping up in every suburb. When there is an abundance of restaurants offering cuisine from Vietnam, it will lead to an increase in diners trying them out.

You Will Be Eating Healthy Food

Vietnam has achieved a reputation worldwide for having some of the healthiest food available, not just in Vietnam itself, but wherever you find a Vietnamese restaurant anywhere around the globe.

Vietnamese cooking techniques tend to use fewer fats and oils when cooking, and many of the dishes are loaded up with green vegetables and lean meat. There are also healthy and delicious vegetarian options on many Vietnamese menus.

No matter what you select from the menu at a Vietnamese restaurant, you can be sure you’re doing your body and overall health a favor.

The Food Is Packed Full Of FlavourVietnamese cuisine

Sometimes we equate healthy eating with bland-tasting food, but that’s not so in Vietnamese cuisine. You could try everything on the menu and discover it’s packed full of delicious flavors that will get the taste buds dancing with pleasure.

Many natural and fresh herbs and spices are used in traditional Vietnamese cooking, including lemongrass, Vietnamese mint, lime juice, basil, and coriander. The Vietnamese are also famous for serving a delectable fish sauce which is the perfect accompaniment for many dishes on the menu.

Even something as simple as a spring roll Vietnamese style will be flavorsome, especially when paired with a special sauce to dip it into.

Vietnamese Restaurants Offer a Casual Dining Experience

Aussies love the casual dining experience, where the atmosphere is chilled, relaxed, and informal. The good news when it comes to Vietnamese restaurants is that most of them are casual dining affairs. There is nothing uncomfortable or stuffy about them, and the staff is always friendly, helpful, and efficient.

If you want to get together with your family or friends to enjoy a yummy and healthy meal, you can’t beat the Vietnamese restaurant experience. Vietnamese restaurants are also perfect venues to celebrate special occasions like a birthday or a wedding anniversaries.

Some Must-Try Vietnamese DishesSome Must-Try Vietnamese Dishes

While the menu at each Vietnamese restaurant will vary, there are certain Vietnamese dishes you will find on many menus around the country. Let’s now take a quick look at just a few of the words popular with Aussie diners regarding Vietnamese cuisine.

One item on the menu synonymous with Vietnamese food is pho noodles. These noodles are made from rice rather than the more common noodles made from wheat flour. Pho noodles are smooth in texture and light and make the perfect accompaniment to soups and other dishes where noodles might be added. You’ll find many dishes on a Vietnamese menu containing pho noodles.

Being an Asian nation, many main dishes will be served with rice, including Mongolian Lamb, Satay Chicken, Seafood and Vegetable, Sweet & Sour Pork, Combination Seasonal Vegetable, Beef In Black Pepper Sauce, Chicken With Seasonal Vegetable, and loads more dishes.

When visiting a Vietnamese restaurant, try a different dish each time.

The Takeaway

Vietnamese cuisine is fast becoming a favorite with Australian diners, and you’ve discovered some of the key reasons in this article. Next time you plan to go out for dinner, try a local Vietnamese restaurant. You won’t be disappointed.

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