How Does AI Improve Web Security?

Written By Strategic Solutions | IT Support Provider in Virginia.
July 28, 2022
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How AI Can Improve Your Website Security

The greatest thing about emerging technologies like AI is that we have barely begun to scratch the surface regarding applications of AI in web security. The technology can be harnessed in a number of different ways, from detecting system vulnerabilities to optimizing supply chains. In this article, we will look at how AI can improve the security of your website and business.

Detect and Prevent Cyberattacks

There’s a lot at stake in the digital economy. Although an increasing number of people do business online, these same individuals are also more likely to become targets of cyber-attacks. The availability of sensitive information and personal data has made it easier for criminals to commit illegal activities without ever touching or stealing any goods or services. To fight off cyber-crime, the best way to protect yourself is by using artificial intelligence, a form of computer programming that can learn to program on its own.

Gartner predicted, “End-user spending for the information security and risk management market is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.2% from 2020 through 2025 to reach $233 billion in U.S. dollars.” By analyzing user actions and comparing them to standard patterns, AI identifies irregular activity and flags it for human intervention before anything goes wrong.

By creating a machine learning model through a combination of hundreds of data points from several different data sources, people can better identify suspicious activity that could be an attack. To learn how your local business can leverage AI and machine learning for early threat detection and prevention, please contact IT Support Virginia.

Track down and prevent individual attackers by studying user behaviorHow AI Can Improve Website Security

While some attacks are the result of a group of people working together to try to breach a website, other attacks come from a lone wolf. These cybercriminals typically try to gain access to restricted areas of your site and steal confidential information.

Attacks from individual hackers can be just as disruptive, but often the security team does not have enough information about the incident. By using machine learning, we can identify behavior by comparing it to similar situations in the past.

Businesses can leverage artificial intelligence to look at typical user experiences and create rules for expected behavior. You can protect your company from individual attackers and organized crime.

Deploying AI to Detect Vulnerabilities

Running checks and analyzing data are some of the most crucial tasks for marketers, engineers, and developers. Unfortunately, testers need to spend a lot of time running speed tests, reading reports, and analyzing different metrics to do this effectively. Luckily, AI can now do this for us without compromising on quality. Humans may be strict with quality assurance, but we are prone to errors.

However, we can minimize the scope of those errors by running an artificial intelligence in the background. The AI can alert human developers to the existence of vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Artificial Intelligence also allows website owners to stop wasting time checking site status, running speed tests, reading reports, and analyzing data from a steady stream of customers. This will enable developers to redirect their focus on actually building their website.

AI can be harnessed for proactive threat hunting

Additionally, AI can also be harnessed for proactive threat hunting. Threat hunting involves finding suspicious activity in your network, systems, and applications. AI-powered threat hunting uses machine learning to find suspicious activity independently rather than relying on humans for manual analysis. AI-powered threat hunting can be used to find threats in systems, networks, and applications.

This can be achieved by analyzing many data sources, including network traffic logs, IDS alerts, and audit reports. With access to these sources (and a well-defined threat hunting process), it’s possible to identify incidents before they become breaches.

Is it When you deploy AI into your security architecture, you want it to be able to hunt down threats like humans do – by looking at all possible indicators of compromise (IOCs) and uncovering any anomalies or deviations from normal behavior that indicate an attack may have occurred or is underway.

Deploying AI prevents attacks by providing rapid detection capabilities across all data sources within your environment while detecting both known and unknown threats using innovative techniques like machine learning algorithms.

AI Can Help Businesses Conduct Faster RCA After an Attack

AI can help you quickly identify and resolve the problem if your website is hacked. For example, if you work in e-commerce or as a developer for a non-profit, you may need to find and remove malicious code that has been injected into the website’s source code

. Instead of reviewing analytics data to find the error (that can potentially take days or hours), you can check AI feedback based on numerous data points and find the cause of the issue much faster. Once you’ve found the root cause, you can then send your team in to fix it.

In essence, this method has the potential to save you time, money, and energy in the long run. For help and assistance in deploying AI in conducting post-incident analysis, please get in touch with Managed IT Services.


The future of artificial intelligence and security is difficult to predict. One thing, however, is inevitable. This technology will remain a part of our lives for years to come. AI market share in the US is expected to reach $190.61 billion by 2025.

As people discover vulnerabilities in both AI systems and the internet and new threats emerge, programmers will create new types of AI that can adapt to protect against these new attacks in real-time.

Post courtesy: Strategic Solutions, IT Support Provider in Virginia.

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