How to Make a Logo For a Plumber
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How to Make a Logo For a Plumber

A plumber is one of the most sought-after professionals in the service market. They serve the central systems of residential and public buildings: from installation during construction to repair during operation.

The logo is a key element that creates an impression, interest, and desire for the consumer to use your services. You will easily win consumers’ trust and compete with more mature and experienced companies with a creative plumbing logo. You can create a high-quality logo in online designer.

What is a logo

A logo is an identifying mark that is one of the identity elements that represent your brand. The logo should not be a pointless set of characters or an attractive picture. However, the logo is not always explicitly created for the company. Also, it can be an accompanying symbol of a certain brand, which can be anything, for example, a YouTube channel, a fictional character, an animal, or a group of people.

One of the functions of a logo is to provide an associative function for its owner. You will have no difficulty recognizing your product, service, or company with the right logo. Also, by registering your trademark, you will be able to call for administrative and even criminal liability of people using it, without your consent.

How to choose a color, icon, and font for а plumberHow to choose a color, icon, and font for а plumber

At the moment, minimalism is one of the most popular trends in graphic design. The trend has also affected plumbing companies. The first logos in this niche depicted workers in overalls with crossed gas wrenches, taps, pressure gauges warehouses, or mountains of pipes. The titles were written in heavy, complex fonts.

Modern logos most often contain only text elements. The fonts used are light, thin, and sans-serif. Most logos have become two-color or even monochrome – in black and white. Emblems use smooth color transitions or gradients.

When creating logos, it is essential to balance tradition and modern trends. Many of the most fashionable techniques have not stood the test of time and, after a few years, have become irrelevant.

Icon for logo

The logo should correspond to the industry of the business and its target audience. The graphic part of the emblem of a plumbing company or an independent professional may contain elements of equipment or tools.

For example, siphons, pumps, wrenches or gas wrenches. The main element of the brand name can also be the image of water – from one or several drops to a powerful jet or a full vessel.

To get an original plumbing logo using traditional industry pictures, you should play around with them interestingly. For example, choose a stylized image instead of the usual one, or use negative space to create some kind of feature.

Logo color

A range of shades of blue (water), gray or black (tools), a metallic shade (pipes) are obvious choices when choosing a plumber logo coloring.

People associate blue with different concepts and feelings: with the sky, water, the depth of the ocean or freedom. Despite the difference in perceptions, most people agree on one thing – the love of blue. Perhaps that is why blue is one of the most used colors in logo design.

Studies show that a person surrounded by blue changes the perception of time – it seems to slow down and become smoother and more viscous. This effect is obtained because the blue color has a calming effect on the psyche – it reduces anxiety, pacifies, relieves tension, relaxes. As a rule, blue is chosen by people who strive for order and stability. At the same time, this color gives a feeling of spaciousness, air, freedom.

Traditionally in the service industry, blue is associated with coolness, masculinity, peace, and tranquility. It carries a sense of honor, loyalty, high intelligence, stability, harmony, trust, conservatism, security, loyalty, order, and stability. Because of these characteristics, blue has become so popular in the business world that it is one of the most commonly used colors in logo design today.

If you want to evoke direct associations, you can color in this manner, including the text of the logo. Another common solution is a base color (blue, grey) with a gradient tint. The classic black and white scheme is popular.

Logo font

As a rule, all strong logos are distinguished by one outstanding feature – a unique symbol or a unique font. In the brand names of plumbing companies, soft rounded fonts are used that best repeat the main property of water.

The specified form of letters is able to evoke a feeling of comfort in customers. On the contrary, fonts that differ in angularity seem unnecessarily strict to a person. The style of writing, where roundness prevails, is perceived by potential customers as an indicator of the care and kindness of the company.

How to make a logo for a plumber

You can create a compelling logo for a plumber using the Turbologo online designer. For this you need:

  • Enter your name, and slogan, and choose a theme for your logo;
  • Choose a suitable color palette;
  • Find and select the perfect image among thousands of plumbing icons;
  • Edit and bring the plumber’s logo to perfection;
  • Download ready files.

That’s all! We wish you good luck in promoting your services!

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