Top Fashion Accessories for Fall 2022: Don’t Miss Out

Written By Alla Levin
August 22, 2022

Top Fashion Accessories for Fall 2022: Don’t Miss Out

Believe it or not, and it may be something we don’t want to admit to ourselves, summer is almost over. While that means less time enjoying the warm weather, it means that fall is just around the corner, and with that comes a whole new range of fashion accessory opportunities to pursue.

Every season comes with its fair share of opportunities in this respect. Still, the switch up between summer and fall is perhaps the most prominent of the year, as you go from an approach of less is more (due to the better weather) to the fall, where you can start to be more layered in your ensemble.

Clearly, buying new outfits every season is a sure-fire way to break your budget, and that’s why accessories are such a cost-effective way to attack the matter. Buying a handful of accessories each season offers you the chance to re-think your existing options or can be used as the basis of a whole new look.

Here are some of the big accessory trends to expect for this fall.

Personalized JewelryPersonalized Jewelry

Jewelry is a year-long accessory, and the fall is an excellent time to reinvent yourself, and you must surely have noticed the number of personalized items that are out there on the high street. 

Now is your chance to get hold of a great piece of sensational jewelry that makes a statement. We are big fans of a sophisticated letter necklace from Jewlr as these are a slightly more subtle way to cover the personalized jewelry market. 

The great news is that because Jewlr, a custom-made jewelry brand, is now so popular, there are many great places to find a good selection of options, including Jewelry itself. So what are you waiting for?

The great news is that because custom-made jewelry is now so popular, there are many great places to find a good selection of options. So what are you waiting for?

Extra-Long Boots

There are boots, and then there are extra-long boots. We are talking about boots that don’t quit and go way beyond the knee. These are all the rage for the fall and are quite handy given that the weather may drop a degree or two. 

You can choose any style and materials here but perhaps stick with tried and tested dark leather or maybe a deep red if you are daring and courageous.

Hiking BootsHiking Boots

Yes, you may not be hiking anywhere, and the idea of a hike might disturb you to your very core, but that doesn’t mean that this fall accessory might not be for you. Get a comfortable pair of hiking boots with a stylish slant.

These are great for city walks and, when paired with the right outfit, can be very appealing, helping you to marry the functional with the decor perfectly. If you have money to splash, we’d point you toward Chloe, who has some delightful options in this range.

Multiple Belts

Got a belt? Well, why not wear two? Or maybe three. The idea of multiple belts comes hot on the heels of similar trends with bracelets and necklaces, and if done correctly, this is a super stylish look you should consider.

This is another brave option to take when it comes to accessories, so be sure that you match the belts well with your overall outfit, and here there’s no need to go too over the top; in other words, a stylish black bet that is multiplied works wonders without the need to try anything too flashy.

Bedazzled SocksBedazzled Socks

Now that it’s the fall, you may be forced to keep your feet and legs warm, and that’s why the new trend of bedazzled socks is something we can get behind. These are all over the runways, and as a result, you can expect your local outlet mall or online store to carry a lot of types here.

Some are high-end, with gemstones placed into the designs, others are more down-to-earth, and the point here isn’t to be overly snobby; find a pair that works for you and don’t end up breaking the bank.

Top Fashion Accessories For Fall 2022: Fuzzy and Fluffy

This isn’t so much an accessory as it is a trend. Fluffy and fuzzy textures are making a bang, and anyway you can pay homage to this look will be rewarding. That might mean going ‘all-in’ with some fluffy headgear or might be more nuanced, like detailing on bags or shoes.

This is all about being playful and fun, and therefore adopting a colorful way to display your fluff or fuzz is the best way to go. 

Top fashion accessories for Fall 2022: Opera Glovestop fashion accessories for fall 2022

This is the height of decadence and a great way to usher in the fall. It may get a little cooler around the town, so why not show off on your way to a night out? Put on some charming opera gloves. Let out the inner vixen and wear these with pride. Try to double up the look with a very understated but opulent outfit. You might not be going to the opera, but you sure need to look as if you are. 

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