How to Choose Everyday Shoes that Complement Your Style

Written By Alla Levin
September 12, 2022
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Most of us wear shoes every day, often several pairs weekly. Choosing the right pair of shoes may not seem important, but choosing the wrong ones can leave you feeling uncomfortable and even injured. If you’re having trouble finding your everyday shoes, this article will help you choose the right pair to match your style, lifestyle, and budget.

Everyday shoes that complement style: know your shoe personality

For an outfit to look right, the shoes have to match it. There is a lot of focus put on the dress, but it will all be for nothing if you can’t walk in your shoes. However, before buying any shoe, you must consider your style and personality. Once you know what shoes suit your style, the search becomes more manageable — so, read on to learn more about student discount shoes and how to get the best deal possible.

Elegant feet need glamorous heels. Stilettos are popular with those who love glitz and glamour and want their day-to-night outfits seamlessly match their outfits for black tie affairs. But not everyone can wear stilettos due to how painful they are on feet with high arches or a pronounced heel bone.

Use the shoe cabinet test

The first thing you need to do is figure out what your style is. The only way to truly know if a shoe works for you is by seeing how it fits in with your general style. This can be a little difficult at first, but take the time and explore different styles and then start looking for your style patterns. Eventually, this will all become easier for you, and before long, you’ll be able to spot your type of style in an instant.

Wear non-shoes outsideChoose Everyday Shoes

If you’re choosing everyday shoes and don’t have many pairs, the most important thing is to have a versatile shoe. That way, if your outfit or plans change at the last minute, you’ll always be prepared. For example, black ballet flats are versatile because they go with everything from jeans to skirts and dress pants.

Go barefoot in your house

It’s amazing how walking barefoot will give you a feeling of serenity and quiet. We walk outside all day long, so it’s time we let our feet rest and do some healing. In this process, you’ll also be able to explore the interior of your home and feel as if it were new. There is something about going barefoot in your house that feels empowering too.

Think layers

With over 500 shoe styles available, it can be hard to know where to start. The easiest way is by narrowing down your style. Thinking about the layers, you wear daily will help you narrow down what kind of shoes are right for you. 

For example, if you dress business casual at work, try oxfords with a heel for workdays and slide sandals for after-work hours on the weekends. If you have both warm and cold weather in your region, the best choice would be lace-up leather boots or suede booties for fall with leggings and tights layered underneath. 

Look down on your body shape and type

A person’s body shape and type can help choose the perfect shoe. For example, a well-rounded body with wide hips should look for shoes with a thick soles for balance. By contrast, a woman with narrow shoulders may feel more comfortable in slingback heels that are less constricting.

A full-figured lady who carries her weight mostly in her hips might prefer a heel that hits just below the ball of the foot instead of on it. When it comes to a narrower figure, such as an hourglass or columnar body type, keep in mind whether you have broad feet. And don’t forget, if you have a foot problem, to pair your ideal shoes with inserts designed for comfort and support. 

Go to a cobbler or optician

If your job requires you to be on your feet, it is best to make an appointment with a cobbler. This way, they can help you choose the right shoe and make adjustments so that they feel comfortable on your feet. 

They will also keep track of how many hours you wear them at work, which can help prevent damage. If this is not an option for you, opticians are another resource for recommending well-cushioned shoes or inserts (such as arch supports) for uncomfortable shoes.

Get rid of bad shoes; get good ones instead

If you’re looking for some good advice on how to choose everyday shoes, We’ve got you; your goal is to make it easier for you, and this will involve a few steps that might take more time than your average shoe-shopping trip but are worth the investment of time. 

Ditch your old shoes if they’re worn out or just not working with what you’re wearing anymore; this happens all the time because your closet is probably overflowing with clothes, so you’re constantly going back and forth between multiple outfits and switching up shoes throughout the day. It can be expensive, so rather than buy two pairs of $100 sneakers, purchase a couple of high-quality ones at half the price. 

Find a unique style for you

Your first step in choosing the perfect everyday shoe is to consider what style you’re most comfortable with. This way, you’ll know what type of shoe is likely to complement your look best. If, for example, you typically wear a more relaxed or edgy look, then you might want to go for something more fitted or heeled. 

On the other hand, if you don’t want shoes that make too much of a statement and typically wear something more subdued, then you might lean towards looser designs or those with low heels.

Consider getting handmade shoes

Another option is buying handmade shoes from a small-time business. An individual usually makes these types of shoes, and they are expensive. You might be able to find a special deal if you wait for sales or free shipping. 

The quality is much better than regular, factory-made shoes. The downside is that the wait time can be long, and it takes time to develop trust in the designer before the shoe size comes in the mail.

Choose Everyday Shoes: Conclusion

Choosing shoes for your everyday life can be tricky. You want something that will last and look good, but you also want something comfortable enough for day-to-day wear. While each person’s needs differ, we hope this list of pointers helps you!

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