Tips To Keep Your Holiday Rental Maintained

Written By Alla Levin
November 02, 2022

Tips To Keep Your Holiday Rental Maintained

Are you thinking of letting out your property as a holiday rental? Here are a few tips to help you keep it maintained and in good condition for your guests and make sure they have a memorable stay.

Keep On Top Of The Cleaning 

This one is a no-brainer – ensure you clean the property thoroughly before each set of guests arrives and provide them with clean bedding and towels. Then, in between guests, give the place a quick once-over to ensure everything is in order. It’s also worth considering hiring a professional cleaning company to provide the property with a deep clean regularly.

Do Any Necessary Repairs And Maintenance hot tub maintenance

If any repairs or maintenance tasks need doing, ensure you take care of them before letting guests stay. For example, no one wants to deal with a broken dishwasher or a leaky tap while trying to relax on vacation, so do any necessary fix-ups beforehand.

This will also help to avoid any damage being caused by things like leaks or faulty electrical. If you own a pool or a hot tub, it can mean a lot of upkeep to ensure your guests have a good time. Outsourcing to someone that does the pool and hot tub maintenance can take a load off your mind and keep things running smoothly.

Check Your Insurance Coverage

Before letting guests stay, it’s essential to check that your insurance policy covers holiday rentals. Unfortunately, many policies don’t cover this type of activity, so you will need to ensure you’re adequately protected before going ahead. This is especially important if you’re planning on letting multiple guests stay at once, as there’s a higher risk of something going wrong.

Keep An Eye On The Garden 

If your rental property has a garden, keeping it neat and tidy is essential. Cut grass regularly, trim overgrown hedges, and remove dead leaves or debris. If you have any outdoor furniture, ensure it’s clean and in good condition. Consider planting some flowers or shrubs to add color and life to the garden.

Make Sure Everything Is In Good Working Order Holiday Rental Maintained

Before guests arrive, please go through the property and test all the appliances, lights, sockets, etc., to ensure they’re in good working order. It’s also worth checking that there are enough light bulbs, batteries, towels, etc., for guests to use during their stay. By doing this, you can avoid nasty surprises (like a blown fuse) during their vacation.

Ad An Indemnity Clause

When guests book your rental property, include an indemnity clause in the contract. This will protect you from any damage or loss during your stay. By following these tips, you can help ensure that your holiday rental property is kept in good condition for you and your guests.

Regular cleaning and maintenance will go a long way towards keeping things running smoothly while paying attention to details like the garden and ensuring everything is in good working order will help create a welcoming and enjoyable environment for visitors.

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