How to Unlock and Use Awakening Skills in Lost Ark?

Written By Alla Levin
November 29, 2022

How to Unlock and Use Awakening Skills in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is an online multiplayer RPG that is massive in terms of land because there are seven mystical continents in the world of Arkesia that you can explore on your adventure. The main storyline features a large number of collectibles and abilities which will make your experience easy.

Don’t like to be alone in the game? Get a pet for a company that will be useful to you in many ways. Deal with bosses to get some extra experience points and level faster, along with high-level items which aren’t available otherwise. This article features everything you need to know about Awakening skills, along with a guide on unlocking and using them.

What Are Awakening Skills in Lost Ark?

Awakening skills are also called advanced skills because they are compelling and equip them to deal with high-level enemies. To equip them, you need to upgrade your character to level 50.

Chaos pieces are also required to use awakening skills. If you are short on chaos pieces, buy them from merchants in Arkesia. Lost ark gold is also required to buy high-level items, making your journey to unlock these skills easy.

How many Awakening skills are available in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark features only two awakening skills for each class, and you can equip one at a time, even if you have both in the bag. Pro players advise you to find both of them because you can choose.

How to use Awakening Skills in Lost Ark?How to use Awakening Skills in Lost Ark

Awakening skills provide a mix of both damage-dealing abilities and passive buffs. These abilities are enough to help you deal with difficult challenges and turn the tide of the battle in your favor.

Using them is quite expensive for free-to-play players because they cost chaos pieces which are available at merchants for two hundred and fifty silver coins. Your overall character builds affect how the awakening skills will work out for you, so build your character in consideration of these skills.

Using these skills with the perfect character build will specialize the character in certain abilities. To unlock them, you must reach the end of the game, which requires considerable time. This is good because you will have enough time to think about which awakening is best for you.

How to Unlock Awakening Skills?

To unlock awakening skills, you need to do some quests, but this is just the start because there are a few hurdles that you have to overcome in Lost Ark. You have to avoid changing the character before completing the awakening quests because this will stop the progress of these quests or show you that they are already completed. If this happens, you have to start everything from the first step and grind again.

How to get the first Awakening Skill?

To unlock the first awakening skill quest, you must complete the North Vern Main storyline quests in which you have to find the Arks. After you finish it, you can start working on quests to unlock the first skill. This q

t is highlighted in light blue color to help you find it effortlessly. When you finish the quest mentioned above, Beatrice will contact you, and you have to visit her in Trixion.

Trixion will be far away from your current location, but you can immediately reach there, all thanks to the Song of Trixion that Beatrice provided you. Find Beatrice in Trixion and meet her to start the quest to unlock the first awakening skill.

Complete this questline to get two skill books from Beatrice, each providing you with a level 50 class skill and the first awakening skill. Sometimes, Beatrice won’t give you these books even if you complete the questline. This issue is common, and you must relaunch the game and complete the questline again to get two skill books.

How to Unlock and Use Awakening Skills in Lost Ark: How to Get the Second Awakening Skill?

If you thought getting your hands on the first awakening skill was difficult, wait until you deal with quests to get the second awakening skill. This questline requires some extra effort and time as well as you have to make some arrangements before starting this questline.

You will receive the second skill for all the available characters on the current servers as soon as you finish this questline. As mentioned above, you shouldn’t switch the character before completing the questline.

This questline starts in Rohendel, and you need a level two- or higher-level boat with a gear score above four hundred and sixty. Level two or some other high-level boat is required to unlock the Rohendel region and all the other western regions in the game. You can upgrade the current boat in a few simple steps to meet the requirements.

To upgrade it, take the New Ocean quest by going to the throne room in Vern. It would be best if you also traveled to West Lutheran a few times to get the materials required to upgrade the boat. When the Abode of Dreams chaos dungeon is unlocked, and you complete it, the Rohendel questline will be completed. Speak with the queen and go to the throne room to receive the awakening mysterious letter quest.

The questline will take a few hours to complete but don’t worry because you don’t have to do anything except follow the questline. Speak with the robot called C-P20 after finishing the quest on X-301. Next, you must complete the island quests indicated on the game map in different colors compared to awakening skills quests.

Now that you have finished the questline to get the second awakening skill and receive the skill, you can swap between characters according to your needs.

You don’t have to speak with any NPC to receive this skill, and it will automatically appear in the mailbox shortly. MMOPIXEL caters needs of players who are looking for Lost Ark gold as well as Lost Ark boosting services for all the available game servers.

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