9 Kitchen Gadgets For Spring

Written By Alla Levin
April 05, 2021

Kitchen Gadgets For Spring

Now that winter is finally over and the grass is green, it’s time you look inward at your kitchen to make sure that it’s functioning to the best of its ability. You don’t need a full renovation to make your kitchen more functional, just the right tools.

Whether you call yourself a home chef, you’re someone who likes to cook for others, or you’re trying to make it a great home date night, your kitchen should be stocked with the best gadgets that make cooking easy. Here are the best kitchen gadgets for Spring.

Waffle Maker

A waffle maker or waffle iron is a small countertop appliance that makes fluffy, homemade waffles. While a waffle maker was initially designed to make only waffles, over the years, people have found that this appliance could be used to make so much more, from meals like bacon and eggs to desserts like cookies.

Coffee Makercold brew coffee maker

Every kitchen needs a cold brew coffee maker now that the weather is starting to warm up, and you can make the switch from hot coffee to cold or iced without feeling the extra chill from the winter air. Many people prefer cold brew coffee as it has an entirely different flavor than hot coffee, and it is great for waking up in warm weather.

Lid Holder and Modular Trivet

The lid holder allows you to keep your pot lids upright and accessible while cooking, which is especially helpful in smaller kitchens. The modular trivet can be used to hold hot items on the countertop, such as pots and pans, or even a casserole dish. You may even find the two-in-one lid holder and trivet in one device to save your countertop space. With the best cooking trivet found here, you have a stackable and versatile tool that makes everyday kitchen tasks easier. Just make sure you use the correct heat-resistant material to avoid any accidents.

Smart Mugs

Do you prefer to savor your tea and coffee instead of drinking it all in one sitting? If so, you might enjoy smart mugs or Best Coffee Maker Descaler that let you keep your coffee, tea, and other hot drinks warm long after you’ve made them. Smart mugs are an ideal solution both inside and outside of the home to control your drink’s temperature. You’ll never again let your tea get cold in the morning while you’re getting ready for work or distracted by your children.

Slow CookerSlow Cooker

A slow cooker is a great way to make a meal with minimal effort. Once you put all of the ingredients in the cooker, it slowly cooks throughout the day, eliminating your temptation to order food delivery. With one-step preparation, you can save both time and money while cutting down on cleanup. Slow cookers also tenderize the meat so that you can have a savory dinner with almost no effort.

Kitchen Gadgets For Spring: Pineapple Corer

Now that the weather is getting warmer, you might find yourself craving pineapple. Unfortunately, unless you’ve been using fresh pineapple for years, you’re probably spending more at the grocery store for pre-cut pineapple because you lack a pineapple corer. A pineapple corer allows you to easily core a pineapple to cut it into chunks that you can eat yourself or share with the whole family.

Pancake BotKitchen Gadgets

If you have the money in your budget, you can go all out and buy a pancake bot that designs and creates beautiful pancakes. With the pancake bot, you can watch pancakes being made into fun shapes and designs. While you might not need this kitchen gadget, it sure makes for a great conversation piece and a fun thing to do with the family every Saturday morning.

Dip Clips

Dip clips are a small bowl that you can clip onto any dish for dips and sauces. Perhaps your children love chicken nuggets with ranch. Instead of adding ranch to their serving plate that can cause a mess, you can clip on your dip clip to make dipping easier.

Egg PoacherKitchen Gadgets For Spring

Poached eggs are something many people only get at restaurants where they can be cooked correctly. While you can poach your eggs yourself, you may find it more difficult without an egg poacher. An egg poacher is designed to effortlessly poach your eggs so that you can have a perfect breakfast every morning.

Kitchen Gadgets For Spring: Final Thoughts

The gadgets you need for your kitchen depend on your skill level as a cook and what items could make cooking your meals easier. Take a look around and think about any items that may make your mornings and nights much easier, then look for gadgets that can solve your problems.

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