How Do Hashtag Printers Help Promote a Brand or Event?

Written By Alla Levin
January 24, 2023
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How Do Hashtag Printers Help Promote a Brand or Event?

Want to promote an event and grow your business? Photo booths with hashtag printers have created a way to create user-generated content. This not only adds a fun element but is a great way to promote brands. Polaroid pictures are loved by everyone for their aesthetic and are a great memory keepsake.

The photo booth camera and printer for sale allow brands to set up hashtag printers at a photo booth at events. It gives a personalised touch and is a show stealer for corporate events, fairs, exhibitions, brand promotions etc. Take a picture, add the hashtag for the event or brand, and take home a polaroid souvenir from the event.

Hashtag Printers and here’s how they work

Hashtag printers are the easiest to use and setting them up in a photo booth helps in creating amazing user-generated content. The printers are indeed a modern version of a photo booth and are an easy way to convert photos from a smartphone into a polaroid. All you need to do is click a picture using your smartphone and share it on social media with a particular hashtag. Within seconds, the picture will be printed out on a high-quality polaroid.

It’s an effective marketing strategy that helps with boosting the brand image. The installation of the hashtag printer increases social media engagement and reaches out to more people. Not only for brands or events, but it is also even perfect addition for occasions like weddings.

Benefits of installation of a hashtag printer Benefits of installation of a hashtag printer 

It’s a cool and modern version of creating a photo booth without spending a lot of money. Purchasing a hashtag printer at a discounted price makes it a good long-term investment and comes with numerous benefits.

  • It’s a great way to promote an event, exhibition or even a brand. It promotes event hashtags as more people share photos with the relevant hashtag. This automatically helps with marketing and in return gives people a polaroid souvenir to take home.
  • Setting up a hashtag printer is a great way to encourage people into taking pictures and share. It is a fun way of creating engagement as one gets the polaroid for free in exchange for a photo share with a hashtag.
  • It’s one of the best ways to create user-generated content. It serves as a social proof that works on building brand image.
  • The speed of getting polaroid printed instantly is what makes the Hashtag printer a remarkable option. It takes just a few seconds to print a picture and hence making it a favourite place for people to hang out.
  • It’s a good way to even generate income. Many places like sports complexes, malls, or airports install the same and sell the same to brands. For example, setting up a photo booth at the mall and selling the space to a beauty brand attract the crowd, generate income for the mall, and customer engagement for the brand.

Easy to use and set-up

Hashtag printers are convenient to use and just the use of a hashtag while sharing a photo is enough for instructing the printer to print polaroid. All you need to do is pick a unique hashtag and the printer will automatically print. It’s setting up a photo booth but without occupying additional space and just with help of a printer.

The hashtag printers are best for events or brand promotions as it attracts the attention of the customers or attendees. It’s a unique marketing strategy that helps with user-generated content and gains massive social media traction. Printers make sure that the polaroid photos are of the highest quality and present the guests with a token of memory. Want to take your marketing to next level? Install the hashtag printer and seamlessly boost user-generated content and engagement.

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