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Perfumes are an everyday essential, which is why you should switch to a unisex scent, that’s not only reasonable but gender-neutral as well. In addition to masking bad body odor, perfumes can improve how we and others perceive us. They not only boost our self-esteem but can also offer a touch of charm.

In this article, we will be talking about Dossier, a brand that has a perfect solution for your everyday scent needs! The Dossier is a US-based company that has been producing precise replicas of your favorite high-end scents, but what sets them apart from the competition? Your favorite perfume is nearly 70% to 90% less expensive at Dossier!

4 Unisex Perfume That You Must Buy!

At dossier, they cater to the needs of all genders and thus have a unisex category as well.

Floral RoseFloral Rose

Inspired by Le Labo’s fragrances’ rose 31, the floral rose is one of the best-selling perfumes of Dossier! Give a boost to your femininity with the perfect ingredient Rose centifolia. It is a combination of magical ingredients like incense, smoky cumin, ciste, and warm amber. Which allows it to perfectly switch between masculine and feminine notes.

But here’s the finest deal about the floral rose, at Dossier you get this for only $39! Whereas, the original Le Labo’s fragrances’ rose 31 perfume retails for $192! This means that you get to save a great amount of $153!

There’s no reason not to give Dossier a shot, they’re not just affordable but they are vegan, cruelty-free and have no harmful chemicals.

Amberry Cherry

Another great option is Amberry Cherry if you’re searching for a unisex perfume. Amberry cherry is a replica of Tom Ford’s lost cherry.

As the name denotes, this scent has both the magic of cherries and an ambery structure. Other contributing ingredients include almonds and cinnamon, which make up the top note. Cloves, rose, jasmine and plum are the heart of the perfume and make up the middle note. Lastly, it comes down to the base notes that make you smell great all day long. It has vanilla, tonka bean & Peru balsam.

Tom ford’s lost cherry is extremely expensive and one can simply not invest a huge amount of $375 every month on a scent, but at dossier, you only have to pay $49 for ambery cherry which is an ideal substitute for it.

Fruity HoneyFruity Honey

Fruity honey is the perfect substitute for Jo Malone’s Nectarine Blossom & Honey! This perfume is ideal for daylight events as it has a very mild natural fragrance. The fruity and citrus scents are getting cherished for some time now, and Dossier had to bring an affordable alternative.

Fruity honey has blackcurrant and green leaves as the top note, that create the main aroma. Followed by the middle note, which has honey and nectarine. And lastly, peach and vetiver make up the base note that lasts all day long. At Dossier, you can get this ‘feel good’ scent for just $29. , the retail price for Jo Malone’s nectarine blossom and honey is $144.

Musky Green Tea

Musky green tea is another hot-selling fragrance of Dossier. It is inspired by the creed’s silver mountain water. This perfume is as fresh as its name sound.

Musky green tea could be your best buddy on any hot summer day. It has lovely green tea, and musk as the main ingredients which makes you feel cool and smell good all day long.

The scent unfolds with the top note of green tea, bergamot, and mandarin. Which is followed by the middle note of petitgrain, neroli, and blackcurrant. Finally, comes the long-lasting sparkle of musk, sandalwood, and orris that make up the base note.

Buy yourself this sensational scent for just $39! And if you’re wondering about the original prices of creed’s silver mountain water, it retails for $320. Which is a pretty fat amount.

Final Words

The dossier was launched in response to the buzz surrounding overpriced fragrances on the market and the way consumers are being fooled into buying things that aren’t truly worth their money. By providing high-end yet reasonably-priced fragrances, Dossier has been making people’s lives easier!

If you’re scared of running out of your favorite perfume, give the dossier a try. It is better, affordable, and reliable.

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