4 Ways to Help Your Child Improve Maths in Primary School

Written By Alla Levin
February 20, 2023

Every element of human existence is impacted by mathematics. People have been exposed to mathematics since they were very young. Maths skills among students develop with age and academic level. The need for a mathematical foundation is much greater for children in primary schools.

This is necessary so that children may apply all they learn in primary school as they pursue higher education. As a consequence, parents must assist maths teachers by looking for strategies to aid children in improving their maths skills in primary school. This article will look at 4 ways to help your child improve maths in primary school.

What Are Ways to Help Your Child Improve Maths in Primary School?

This section will discuss 4 methods to help your child improve maths skills in primary school. Let’s explore them now.

Utilizing worksheets

Using maths resources like worksheets is a way to assist your child in improving their maths skills in primary school. Primary school-age children are prone to forgetting quickly. Repetition, however, helps to reduce the likelihood of forgetting information quickly.

Given this, using worksheets ensures repetition, which assists primary school students in developing capabilities in arithmetic and reduces the pace at which they forget mathematical concepts. A worksheet like the one offered by Cazoom Maths presents mathematical problems in a logical order. Your child’s maths abilities will develop by using this kind of regularly, which will also help with repetition.

Providing them with a private maths instructorImprove Maths in Primary School

A maths tutor is very important in helping a child improve their mathematical abilities in primary school. In contrast to school, where there are many pupils in each class, and the impact of teacher shortage on students is being felt, learning at home is more personalized. Numerous factors prevent a maths teacher from focusing on every student.

However, a tutor focuses on each child individually when the parents hire a private maths tutor. The tutor learns the child’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles throughout this time. Knowing this will enable the tutor to employ techniques that will aid each student’s maths proficiency.

Implementing a smart strategy

Another option to help your child with maths in primary school is to employ a smart technique. Although there are many techniques accessible, using a smart one is crucial. Additionally, because the degree of mathematical comprehension varies by child, smart techniques are particular to each child. To develop a smart strategy that is exclusive to your child, you must observe them at home and obtain feedback from their maths teacher.

Use of real-life objects

Using real-life objects is yet another technique to help your child in primary school with maths. When you connect mathematical ideas with real-life objects, children quickly catch on. Children can be inspired to study mathematics by engaging with real-world items like stones, pebbles, arithmetic cards, dice games, etc. to boost their arithmetic abilities as a result.


You should explore the four suggestions made in this article for helping your child with mathematics in primary school. This will enable you to employ a variety of improvement techniques that won’t bore your youngster.

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