How to Mount TV on a Plaster Wall
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Plaster Wall? No Problem! How to Mount Your TV on a Plaster Wall in 5 Easy Ways

The most effective TV mounts may increase the quality of your home theatre experience, save up space, and even make your house safer by positioning your television so that it is above eye level.

It may surprise you to learn that these strong brackets are also rather affordable and simple to install. When it comes to mounting their televisions, many individuals choose stud-supported walls since they provide their televisions with more stability. Mounting a television on a wall without studs is often seen as a challenging or even dangerous task.

You may easily mount a 65-inch TV bracket on a plaster wall without studs by following our thorough yet simple ways.

Mounting a TV on a Plastered Wall

Today’s television viewers tune in to watch a variety of programs, but the ones they watch the most include movies, reality shows, documentaries, and sports. Your 65-inch TV bracket placement and orientation are important considerations regardless of how you want to use it.

TV stands are the easiest solution, but they might overwhelm a living room, depending on the size of your TV. Another disadvantage of utilizing a TV stand is that your television will be at a low viewing angle, and there is always the possibility that pets or youngsters can knock your TV over, causing damage and injury.

As a result, mounting your television on the wall is the greatest option for a TV stand. Sadly, not all walls will have studs; thus, it is essential to know how to mount a television on a plaster wall without studs. There are several ways to mount a 65-inch TV bracket on plaster walls, including Ceiling mounting, Anchors, and Mounting plates.

Using a Wall Anchor65-inch TV bracket

Using wall anchors is the simplest solution for mounting a 65-inch TV bracket on a wall without studs. The screws won’t be able to work their way out of the pre-drilled holes if you do this.

When you want the TV mounting plate to hold the wall strongly, drywall anchors are commonly used. To ensure that the screw is securely fastened, a wall anchor is a piece of device that fits within the drilled hole’s sleeve.

If you want to place mounting plates on the wall, you need first mark the holes. Find a strong anchor point with a level. You should make the holes the same diameter as the anchor and slide the sleeve in there. To verify the anchor is securely in place, use a disposable pull tool. After that, you may hang the TV by screwing the mounting bracket into the anchor holes.

Using Toggle Anchors

Toggle anchors are similar to wall anchors, but they contain strengthened elements that assist the wall in handling the weight of the TV. Toggle anchors assist the screws in the installation hole in staying in position even when pressure is applied to them. Find safe locations for the mounting holes using the level. Check that the mount and the designated holes are properly aligned.

Use a drill to create holes for the toggle wall anchors. Folded toggle bolts or toggle anchors should be inserted into the holes. Install the fasteners and unfold them. Mount the new TV by screwing the TV mount into the pilot holes and using the toggles.

How to Mount TV on a Plaster Wall: Making Use of a Ceiling Wall Mount

Ceiling mounts are another excellent option for putting a TV on a studless wall. Most ceilings have robust frames and solid anchor points. This ensures it can easily support the weight of a TV because it also houses fans, air conditioners, and other appliances.

Locate beams and junctions for a sturdy spot to screw wall mounts into before installing a ceiling mount. Locate the mounting holes by utilizing the VESA pattern, which may be found next to the model number of the TV. Attach the ceiling mount wall bracket and hang the TV according to the instructions. Check that the drilled holes and hardware utilized can handle the load capacity.

Making Use of Molly BoltsMaking Use of Molly Bolts

TVs may also be mounted on a studless wall with Molly bolts. Mounting choices include pointy molly bolts with a sharp tip and non-pointed molly bolts. Set up the TV wall mount and mark the wall where the screws should be placed. Put the television on a level platform to prevent it from sliding around.

Put the molly bolts within the holes you drill into the hollow wall. Make sure to tighten the mounting plate, so you don’t have any problems mounting the new TV on the wall.

Using Mounting Plates for Installation

Use a metal or plywood mounting plate or cleat in addition to the drywall anchors. A TV’s mounting plate can be attached to the wall using any of the aforementioned ways. It will then be possible to screw the TV wall mount’s base into the plate. A mounting plate provides numerous extra anchor points while offering a greater surface area to support the weight of the mount and your TV.

If you’re concerned about how your TV will look, cut the mounting plate smaller than the size of your TV. This will allow the screen to cover over the plywood or metal. If that isn’t an option, you can always paint or stain the mounting plate to disguise it or add a touch of sophistication.

How to Mount TV on a Plaster Wall: Hire a Professional

No matter which approaches you use choose to mount your 65-inch TV bracket, you should always make sure to carefully follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and use the appropriate tools and hardware in order to guarantee a safe installation.

Moreover, mounting a television mount is a simple task, making a mistake might result in costly damage to your television or wall. Hiring a skilled specialist is the best method to ensure that the task is done correctly and that your television is secured. We have articulated everything you should know about mounting a TV on the plaster wall. Help the community by commenting if you’re familiar with more amazing methods.

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