5 Smart Technologies Making Travel Much Safer 

Written By Alla Levin
May 22, 2023

Smart Technologies Making Travel Much Safer 

We live in an age of fast technological progress, where advanced solutions to improve one’s comfort and safety are increasingly available to the general public.

Smart devices are a prime example of this. They are tech-savvy products that are designed to provide convenient solutions and enhance safety in many areas of our life. Traveling is no exception, so this article will dig deeper into five smart technologies that make life safer and more accessible for those on the go.

Digital Trackers

Digital trackers are advanced solutions that allow users to keep tabs on their items while on the road. They can be used for luggage, laptops, smartphones, and any other item that is of particular value to them. A digital tracker allows travelers to identify the location of their items at any time, thanks to its connection to an app via Wi-Fi or any other network.

Let’s say you can’t find one of your luggage. With a digital tracker, you can easily use your smartphone or laptop to know precisely where it’s located. Digital trackers are handy for travelers who often worry about their items being stolen or forget them. A digital tracker can reduce these concerns by giving users a constant view of their belongings’ whereabouts.

Cloud Storage

With the increasing amount of personal data and memories we store on our mobile devices and physical documents, the risk of losing them is significant. Cloud storage provides a secure and easily accessible platform to store and back up our important files and memories. We can still access photos and scanned documents if we lose our phones or physical copies by uploading photos and scanned documents to the cloud.

This also saves us the difficulty of physically backing up our data manually each time. Once data is uploaded to the cloud, we can access it from any other device connected to the internet as long as we have the credentials to access our cloud accounts. 

Smart Hotel Security Techs Smart Hotel Security Techs 

Hotels are increasingly implementing innovative technologies to ensure the safety and security of their guests. For example, hotels are taking advantage of the advancements in video security.

It’s increasingly common for these establishments to use regular cameras and devices with advanced features, such as infrared and thermal imaging CCTV cameras. The former allows for clear night-time vision, while the latter can detect body temperatures to recognize the presence of individuals.

Moreover, with video analytics software, hotels can boost prevention, as this solution can recognize patterns that may indicate suspicious activity and alert security or the authorities at once.

Other smart technologies hotels implement include advanced smoke alarm systems, CO2 detectors, and air quality monitoring systems. These innovations cooperate to establish an utterly safe climate for visitors, making the travel experience substantially more pleasant.

Real-time data apps

Real-time data apps have revolutionized the way travelers navigate unfamiliar locations. 

This is particularly useful when it comes to safety issues. Real-time data can alert travelers to potential dangers in specific locations, such as high crime rates, natural disasters, or political instability. This information can then be used to adjust travel plans and avoid hazardous situations.

Additionally, real-time data can serve as a resource for travelers to stay updated on emergencies and receive instructions on how to stay safe. By leveraging real-time data, travelers can avoid potentially unsafe situations and travel with greater peace of mind.

Digital credentials for hotel rooms and rented carsSmart Technologies Making Travel Much Safer 

Digital credentials for hotel rooms and rented cars have revolutionized how tourists access accommodations and transportation options. Because of current innovations, like Close to Handle Correspondence (NFC) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), vacationers can now open entryways and start vehicles with a basic tap or swipe of all-alone cell phones.

This provides convenience and ease of access and dramatically reduces the risk of unauthorized people accessing hotel rooms or rental cars. Digital credentials are securely stored on the phone, and only authorized users with the correct credentials can gain access.

Additionally, this technology allows for a seamless check-in process, eliminating the need for physical keys or key cards, and provides a trackable access log for added security. This is a great way to ensure that guests and renters are safe while away from home. 

To Sum It Up

With these five smart technologies’ innovative solutions, travel safety has never been more attainable. Digital trackers allow easy location monitoring, while cloud storage and real-time data apps provide valuable insights and up-to-date information.

Smart hotel security tech and digital credentials further enhance security measures, ensuring peace of mind for travelers. Combined with other safety tips, these technologies provide comprehensive security solutions that enable travelers to make their getaways as safe and enjoyable as possible. 

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