How Renter Friendly Décor Can Transform Home

Written By Alla Levin
August 02, 2023

Whether it’s building effective storage or just wanting to boost the aesthetics in your home, if you’re renting, you deserve to live in a nice and desirable space. Just because you’re renting, it shouldn’t mean that you can’t make it feel homely and add some of your personality to it.

Sure, for most rented homes, there are going to be some limits, major limits such as not being able to drill or nail holes into the wall, not being allowed to paint, not being able to hang up shelves, or even add little architectural features like ceiling medallions or wall trim.

It can be frustrating seeing gorgeous homes on Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram and then not being able to recreate them. Home decor is an outlet, an artistic expression, and you deserve to indulge in it too. 

With that said, while every landlord and property management is going to have different things that are allowed and not allowed (without jeopardizing your deposit), at the end of the day, it just needs to be renter-friendly. Now, renter-friendly doesn’t have to be boring.

You can go on YouTube or other social media sites, and plenty of videos, photos, and other forms of content prove that you can make your home the way you want without having to deal with the annoyances of being held back. So, here are some fabulous ideas on how to use this rented space as your blank canvas to transform it with entirely renter-friendly decor!

You Need to Start With the Lighting

One of the simplest ways to transform a room is by changing the lighting. Whether it’s replacing ugly recessed ceiling lights, adding a stylish floor lamp, or installing wall sconces, the right lighting can make a big impact.

For the most part, it’s pretty easy to switch out light fixtures, and landlords tend not to mind if their tenants do this. But it doesn’t have to be just light fixtures; you could look into something light mood lighting too. Nowadays, LED strips are cheap, so it can be as easy to add mood lighting throughout your home, such as on shelves, under countertops, or even on the headboard of your bed. 

Embrace the Furniture You Own Renter Friendly Décor

Have a unique coffee table? How about a mantle frame? Do you have a cool couch? Whatever it is your own, especially when it comes to furniture, embrace it! Sometimes, the biggest thing that truly adds that unique touch to a home is the furniture itself. It will essentially be the biggest factor determining whether a space is modern or not.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Plants

Most rental properties don’t have yards, and if you own one, you’re not allowed to plant flowers or shrubs. If you’re lucky, you might be able to have some outdoor pots here and there. But with that said, you’ll never go wrong with indoor plants. Whether you’re looking to transform your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, plants are an inexpensive way to add color and greenery to your home. 

Not only do houseplants look great, but they help clean the air of pollutants and toxins. Plus, the positive effect people feel when surrounded by nature (Biophilia) is a bonus. If you’re looking to bring a green feel to your home without making any permanent changes, consider installing some hanging planters or popping them on shelves and fireplaces. You can even create a feature plant wall by arranging some trailing plants in a row or grouping.

Focus on the Little ThingsFocus on the Little Things

When it comes to any home, whether it’s a rental or not, you cannot and should not forget about the little things throughout your home, like the rugs, the small framed photos, the tiny knick-knacks, and those throw pillows too. Speaking of which, when it comes to your room and your living room, the little things like throw pillows and other texture items shouldn’t be skipped. 

Decorative pillows are more than just fluff pieces; they can elevate the look of a room. They add comfort, style, and a sense of completeness to any space. They also make great temporary decor items because they can easily be swapped out or donated when you’re ready to move.

Try a mix of textures, colors, patterns, and materials in your pillow spread. And don’t forget to follow the rule of threes—whether it’s in terms of color palettes, textures, or even shapes. This will ensure that your arrangement looks intentional and cohesive.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Adhesives

In fact, when it comes to being a renter, adhesives will be your best friend! You’ll find that adhesives come in a variety of forms, from wall stickers, adhesive hooks, tiles, and kitchen backsplash, and there’s even peel and stick wood if you want to go for a farmhouse vibe. In general, this is going to hands down be one of the best decisions for your home. 

Regarding adhesives, one of the only areas you need to proceed with caution would be wallpaper, but most renter homes either don’t have wallpaper or won’t allow it. But overall, adhesives are easy to install, clean up is easy, and when it comes to adhesive hooks, you’ll be surprised what you can hang from photos, lighting, plants, and even shelves!

You Might Be Surprised By the Power of MagnetsYou Might Be Surprised By the Power of Magnets

No, not magnets for your kitchen, but magnets for decorating your home! Using magnetic bars and strips can be a cost-effective way to decorate your home. This can include a magnet board in the kitchen for a changing gallery of kids’ art and postcards or a magnetic strip on your bathroom wall to keep track of bobby pins, tweezers, etc. 

You could also glue a small magnet to the bottom of a container for dropped pins and paper clips. Use magnetic picture-hanging strips instead of reaching for the hammer and nails to hang art, posters, or tapestries. This allows you to easily change out your display and avoid damaging the walls with nail holes (usually not allowed).

Renter Friendly Décor: Wall Art is the Best Way to Go

Piggybacking on adhesive hooks, like Command Hooks and magnets, any rented home will massively benefit from gorgeous art throughout the walls. Whether it’s paintings, photos, or souvenirs from past travels, it’s all going to be up to you, but wall art is going to be the best way to show off your personality. 

It can also cover up holes, stains, and peeling paint without the need to repaint. Besides, you can hang up a variety of things, such as giant statement art pieces or even something like gallery walls throughout the home, such as going up the stairs. 

Look at How You Can Decorate Your Storage SpaceLook at How You Can Decorate Your Storage Space

Some rented spaces will have shelves already built in, so this could be a great option for you. However, you can even bring in your own bookshelves or other vertical storage to help you make a statement.

Just think about it, if you have a bookshelf, you can use it for books, but even style some of your home accents on it too, such as busts, figures, or even vases. It’s really about how you place the items. But the same can be said for bathrooms, kitchens, and even the little areas for doing laundry. All of these can be possible, and you can make them look incredible. It’s about how you style and decorate them.

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