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How to Enjoy Solo Travel to the Max: Hawaii Edition

Traveling on your own can be incredibly empowering. There’s something freeing about learning who you are without expectations. There’s no one near you to dictate what you do and no one holding you back from meeting new people. While solo travel isn’t for everyone, it can be an incredibly liberating experience for those that catch a taste for it.

So if you’ve ever been limited in terms of where you go, have been frustrated with how the trips you do go on end up, and are ready for something different, try a solo trip. You are entirely free in terms of where you go and when which can actually help you save massively on the cost of the trip. You’ll be putting your money towards experiences and purchases that you want, not someone else.

Solo travel can be dangerous, which is why newcomers to the solo travel world need to pick somewhere safe and welcoming, like Hawaii. Hawaii is an amazing place to travel on your own because there are so many wonderful things to do and many chances to meet people there. So, without further ado, here is the ultimate guide to kickstarting and maximizing your solo experience in Hawaii.

Book a Safe, Comfortable Resort

One thing that you absolutely will want to splash out on, especially if you’re a female solo traveler, is safety. Sure, you can get a better deal at a hostel when you stay in Hawaii, but if you want to feel comfortable, confident, and safe, booking a hotel or resort is a much better method.

Not only are the top Oahu resorts safer, but they also put you in the middle of the action. This means less time driving, taking cabs, or even spending on the bus. Instead, you’re right in the thick of it and can spend more time enjoying the things you want to do.

Tours are Great for First-Time Solo Travelerssolo travel Hawaii

If you haven’t found your solo traveler legs yet, then tours are the way to go. There are several reasons to opt for a tour instead of just heading out alone. The first is, of course, that it takes the stress and hassle of getting to and from out of the equation. Traveling alone makes Everything more expensive since you can’t split the costs of things like a room or car rental. Going on a tour helps you avoid those high costs by splitting it with others.

The second big reason to go on tours is that you can meet people on neutral ground. It’s a great way to be social if you feel like it since you’re all in relatively close quarters or doing something fun. If you can, always try to book the smaller tours for that close connection.

Learn Something New

You are in total control of your Hawaii trip, so if you’ve always wanted to learn how to surf, do it! You can paddleboard, snorkel, hike, ride horses, and more. Try to pick one or two things you’ve always wanted to try and book your slot. There are dance lessons, lei-making sessions, and so much more.

Craft Your Itinerary (Roughly)

Being loosely organized is still going to be necessary, even if there’s no one to make decisions about your itinerary but you. This is because many things can and should be booked in advance. Some tours will book out early. Tickets sell out. Even things you feel should be easy, like hiking up Diamond Head, require reservations nowadays.

The plus side of crafting an itinerary in advance is that it requires you to go through your options and understand what’s out there and what things generally cost. This can help you really live out the spontaneous trip idea you’re dreaming of! You should book things in advance, but knowing what’s out there and what you can do will also help you be more spontaneous.

Make (and Track) Your Memoriessolo travel Hawaii

You won’t have the benefit of having someone else to reminisce with in the future, so do yourself a favor and get started with these essential habits:

Take Plenty of Pictures and Videos

Don’t worry or focus too much on the photos that help you look good. Yes, every person wants a picture of themselves looking great on vacation, but you shouldn’t focus too much on what you want to post on social media. Instead, think about your future self.

This can be next year or even in fifty years. Craft a collection of photos you think your future self would want to see and hear about the funny things, the little details, and the fantastic vistas.

Keep a Journal

It’s also a great idea to keep a journal. Writing down what happened each day, and then a few snippets about what you felt and did, can be a great memory jogger in the future. Do this regularly, and you can even start to improve your memory by recalling and then reflecting on what you did each day.

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