9 Helpful Homeschooling Resources Worth Having

Written By Alla Levin
October 09, 2023

Homeschooling Resources Worth Having

Homeschooling has gained ground over the years, with research revealing that 3% to 4% of children in the US are homeschooled. So, if you’re embarking on homeschooling your kids, you’re not alone.

Understandably, the process can seem quite daunting, especially if it’s your first time homeschooling your little ones – not to mention balancing work with your tutoring duties. You can use all the help you can get to make the process easier. Finding the right resources will be of immense help. Here are some helpful resources worth having when homeschooling your kids. 

Printing services

Printing services can easily enhance your child’s homeschooling experience, especially if you need to create customized teaching materials that aren’t readily available. You can create and print personalized curriculum content, teaching schedules, study materials, and worksheets to suit your child’s unique needs.

Having a reliable printing company on hand will ease the burden of designing and printing materials independently. You can even find expert childrens book printing services if you want to print your own picture books, stories, or color books, whether for your kids alone or to publish in general.

Language learning apps

Learning new languages is a crucial part of any child’s developmental process. Various studies have highlighted the many benefits, including better comprehension, improved grammar, and an accelerated ability to read and write.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be multilingual to teach your child a new language. With several language apps available, your child can easily pick up the rudiments of different languages. And the best part is that most of these apps are free. Unlike learning in classrooms, these apps make the process more fun and engaging with quizzes, pronunciation guides, lessons in the form of games, and so much more. Since most of these apps foster self-learning, you can attend to other responsibilities while your kids learn independently. 

Kids stationery suppliersHomeschooling Resources Worth Having

One of the most important resources is a reliable supplier of kids’ stationery. Textbooks, notebooks, markers, pencils, color books, kids’ reading materials, and art materials are important supplies for homeschooling your kids. And it would help if you had a company or supplier that would provide them consistently and at affordable costs. If you can find a supplier that offers different stationary products for kids, that’s even better, instead of shopping from different outlets. 

Curriculum providers

Choosing the right teaching curriculum is important when homeschooling your child. This way, you can stick to structured and comprehensive materials, perfect for your child’s age. Thankfully, you can find various curriculum providers to help you develop the right curricula in line with national or state standards.

That will save you a lot of stress trying to create curricula from scratch. Some curriculum providers also offer services like detailed lesson plans, online teaching resources, and textbooks, ensuring you provide your child with comprehensive teaching materials. Regardless of your teaching style, you can find the right curriculum provider to work with. It’s easier this way to tailor your curriculum to suit your child’s special needs. 


Being a parent is challenging enough. But being a parent who homeschools their kids presents another level of challenge. Proper planning balances your work life and home responsibilities with your homeschooling duties. That is where planners come in. 

Different options are available, depending on your lifestyle and teaching methods. For example, you can find planners with daily, weekly, and monthly pages in different sizes and covers. You’ll also find some with resource organizers, record-keeping features, result trackers, book logs, and study planners. 

Long-term access to a public library

You can never underestimate the role public libraries play when homeschooling your kids. A well-stocked library with the right kids’ books will open your child’s mind to a world beyond what they know. They will also have access to more learning materials beyond the classroom. Public libraries have kids’ sections with books covering almost every subject. You can also find audiobooks, online books, and other educational resources from your local public library.

These will easily supplement your home efforts and aid your child’s learning. You can also teach your kids to find the books they need in a library and assign them weekly or periodic reading tasks outside their curriculum. Regular trips to the library will help them engage with others and nurture their social interaction skills. Some libraries host reading contests, workshops, and other educational programs your child can benefit from. 

National Geographic Kids

Yes, you read that right. National Geographic Kids can offer a wealth of knowledge for kids. You probably already know about the National Geographic channel, but this is only for kids. Don’t get it wrong; this goes beyond learning about animals and nature.

While these are useful topics, National Geographic Kids offers so much more. For example, there is a huge selection of other subject areas like arts and design, math, and science. You can encourage your child to watch the channel in their spare time (better still, watch with them) to learn unique and useful facts about animals, science, history, geography, and more.

Fun and educational YouTube Channels, blogs, and TV programs

YouTube is more than just a social media platform for viral videos; you can easily acquire any skill by watching the right content. The venue also hosts several channels that cover various aspects of homeschooling kids. You can find channels with important resources, lessons, tips, guides, and other helpful materials to supplement your efforts. There are teaching videos with engaging animations to catch and keep your child’s attention. 

You can research helpful TV channels, blogs, and websites dedicated to helping homeschooling parents. 

Homeschooling support groups and associations

As mentioned earlier, you’re not alone in this. There are several homeschooling parents out there with networks and beneficial associations. Find out if there’s one near you, and sign up. Such support groups have important teaching materials and offer valuable interaction for homeschooled kids. For example, some support groups organize periodic field trips, contests, shared resources, and cooperative learning activities. You can easily find a support group online to join.

Homeschooling associations also offer similar benefits but go a bit further. For instance, some associations offer advocacy support, legal aid, and networking opportunities. These associations can usher you through the legal processes and the requirements of homeschooling a child in your area.

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