The 4 Main Checks On Your Fleet’s Vehicles

Written By Alla Levin
December 13, 2023

The 4 Main Checks On Your Fleet’s Vehicles

Looking after a fleet of vehicles can seem like a lot of stress, but there are some things you can do to make it a lot easier, and it doesn’t actually have to be as hard as you might assume. In fact, as long as you are keeping on top of a few essential checks, you will find that this helps you greatly in terms of being able to care for those vehicles very well. Let’s look at four of the main checks that you should make sure you are keeping up with at all times in order to help with this.

The tires are obviously important, being the only part of the vehicle that ever touches the road. So you need to check these regularly, which means that you are looking specifically at the tire tread to see if it is deep enough.

Good tyre maintenance is one of the most important things you can do when you are looking after a vehicle, and especially if you have a whole fleet to care for, so be sure not to overlook this at all. This needs to be checked every day.



Another check that you need to make every day is that all the lights are working on all the vehicles. This is the kind of check that is easiest to just get the drivers to do before they head out for the day. As long as the lights are working as they should, it means that they are going to be safer and less likely to run into any trouble at all. You should check indicators and brake lights as part of this, as well as reversing lights, which can be really important to consider as well.

Oil Level

The oil should also likewise be checked on a regular basis. It won’t necessarily have to be daily, but as long as it is being checked every couple of weeks at least, that should help a lot, and you’ll find that the vehicles in your feet are going to be cared for and run much more smoothly if they always have the proper amount of oil in place. So all in all, this is going to be really important to consider when it comes to looking after your vehicles as well as possible.


Finally, each day before heading out, ensure that every driver checks that their horn is working. This is vital. It is a legal requirement, for one thing, but it’s also the case that you need to be able to use the horn in an emergency to warn people of danger.

So, it’s something you should make sure to check whenever you are heading out. If that is done, it’s going to mean that the vehicle is a lot safer to drive.

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