How To Create A Business Website That Ranks In 2024

Written By Alla Levin
February 22, 2024

How To Create A Business Website That Ranks In 2024

Creating a website for your business is a given, although some companies still don’t feel like they can justify making one. Of course, there might be businesses that are exempt from needing to create a website, however, it is certainly something to consider.

To create a business website that ranks in 2024, here are some essentials that will help you this year.

Improve your site’s SEO

Your site’s SEO is essential to rank your website successfully this year. Search engine optimization is a practice that optimizes your site and its pages in order to rank on the search engines. After all, if you’re not ranking on the search results at all, then no one is going to discover your site!

With that being said, there are certainly a few tips that will help improve your site’s SEO if you’re not that familiar with the practice. These include:

  • Use keywords and keyword research 
  • Carefully think about page titles and blog post titles
  • Use meta tags
  • Compress image and video content to improve page speed
  • Add internal and external links

These are just a few suggestions. There are plenty of other SEO tasks that are worth implementing when you’ve set up your site.

Pick a great website design Pick a great website design 

Your website design is essential because it helps to set the right impression for anyone who comes across the site for the first time. Picking a great website design is something that you should get custom-made where possible.

By having something unique and solely created for your own website is better than picking one that’s been pre-made and is used on multiple sites.

When it comes to your website design, try to design one that reflects your company’s branding in all aspects. Selecting the right website design company is imperative to get value for money and to get the results you’re after.

Create plenty of content to go out regularly

Content is part and parcel of your website, which is why you want plenty of landing pages and blog content too. With blog content, it shows search engines that there’s regular content being generated on the site and it’s not just the same several landing pages that have been active since day one.

Whether you create that content in-house or source a freelance writer or agency to do it for you, creating plenty of content to go out regularly is beneficial for your site’s success.

In order to stay on top of your content, you might want to consider implementing a content schedule. This is a great way of keeping everyone involved and responsible for the content, on the same page. That way, you can create consistency in your content and avoid slacking on content when you must be providing content regularly for your audience to enjoy.

Content can be anything from entertaining to educational, depending on your business type and what your audience is looking for.

Build backlinks through other sites

Backlinks are important to help improve the success of your site and are something that you certainly want to stay on top of when it comes to improving the SEO and ranking of your site. When Google spots more of your content on other sites, as well as popular sites linked on your own web pages, it will likely see your website as a more valuable source.

It’s worthwhile reaching out to agencies who can help offer your site backlinks and link-building in general. Link building is a great way to help rank your site higher if done properly and with quality content and links being used.

Utilize keywords for your landing pages

Landing pages are something that should be optimized as best as possible, including the use of keywords. Keywords are great for helping rank your site, and they’re something you’ll want to invest your money in where possible.

A keyword planner is helpful to have on your side so that you can select the right keywords for your content and for the website, from the titles of your blog posts to the content you include within your landing pages.

Promote your content across other platforms

Finally, consider promoting your content across other platforms. Cross-promotion is key when you’re trying to build the success of your website. Utilize what social media platforms you do have to provide additional traffic to your site and vice versa.

If you’re looking to create a business website that ranks in 2024, use these tips to get started in the right direction.

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