Creating the Purrfect Workspace: A Cat-Friendly Home Office Guide

Written By Alla Levin
March 12, 2024

Understanding Your Cat’s Needs in Your Workspace

Creating a home office that’s also great for your cat means knowing what they love. Cats enjoy spots where they can feel safe, have fun, and be cozy. Making your office cat-friendly can make your cat happier and help you work better too.

Cats like high spots to see everything, cozy hideouts, and warm, sunny places. Adding things like a tall shelf or cat tree near your desk lets your cat watch the room safely. This keeps them happy and out of your way while you work.

Cats are different; some like being near you all day, while others prefer their own space. Knowing what your cat likes and making room for it in your office means less stress for both of you.

Oksana, an expert on feline behavior and the owner of Kitty Land shares valuable insights on the subject. “Cats in a home office setting need a balanced environment that addresses their instinctual behaviors while coexisting with our work routines,” she explains.”

It’s about creating a space where they feelportance of understanding the special needs of cats in such unique settings, emphasizing the necessity of areas where cats can engage in their natural behaviors safely, for more detailed guidance on catering to your cat’s needs and creating a harmonious workspace, visit

Essential Features of a Cat-Friendly WorkspaceEssential Features of a Cat-Friendly Workspace

✅Pet-Safe Plants to Freshen Your Office Air

Adding greenery to your workspace is beneficial for you and your cat. Plants like spider plants, Boston ferns, and cat grass are great because they are non-toxic to cats.

These plants can purify the air, boost your mood, and offer a bit of nature for your cat to explore. Just be sure to keep the plants out of reach if your cat tends to chew on everything, or opt for hanging planters to keep them safe while still benefiting from their presence.

✅Choosing Ergonomic Furniture That Works for You and Your Cat

Your chair and desk should support your posture and work style, but consider your cat too. A desk with space underneath allows your cat to enjoy being close to you without being on top of your work.

Chairs with cat-friendly materials can prevent damage from claws, and some furniture even comes with built-in cat beds or lounging areas. This way, your workspace remains comfortable and functional for both of you.

✅Dedicated Cat Spaces within Your Workspace

Setting aside a specific spot for your cat can make them feel included and secure. A small cat bed or a padded shelf near your workspace can serve as a perfect lookout spot for them.

If your cat likes being higher up, consider installing a cat shelf or a mini cat tree near your desk. This gives them their own space without taking over your work area.

✅Cat-Friendly Storage Solutions:

Keeping your office organized and cat-proof is crucial. Use storage solutions that keep wires and small, swallowable items out of reach. Consider using cable management systems to keep cords tidy and away from curious paws.

Lockable cabinets or drawers are great for storing small office supplies that might be hazardous to your cat. This not only keeps your cat safe but also helps maintain a clutter-free workspace.

✅Adjustability for Changing Needs

A workspace that adapts to your needs and your cat’s is ideal. Adjustable desks that can switch between sitting and standing positions can give you flexibility in how you work, especially if your cat decides your lap is the best spot.

Similarly, having adjustable shelves or modular furniture allows you to reconfigure your space as needed, ensuring it always works well for both of you.

✅Consideration for Your Cat’s Viewing Pleasure

Cats enjoy watching the world go by, so placing your desk near a window can provide endless entertainment for them. If possible, set up a comfortable spot where your cat can gaze outside safely. This can be as simple as a cushioned window sill or a strategically placed cat tree.

✅Sound Management for Peaceful Coexistence

Consider how sound affects both you and your cat. If you participate in a lot of video calls, think about having a quiet toy or a new bed for your cat to explore during these times to keep them occupied and quiet. Additionally, soft background music or white noise can be soothing for both you and your cat.

Cat-Proofing Your Office

Making your office safe for your cat means keeping wires out of chew-range and storing small dangerous items safely. This helps avoid accidents.

The Best Cat Beds and Rest Areas

Cats love to sleep and hang out near their humans. Giving them a comfy bed or a sunny window perch in your office means they can relax close by. Remember, cats like quiet, warm places, so putting their bed in the right spot is key.

Quiet Toys and Entertainment

Toys that don’t make much noise, like puzzle feeders or soft plush toys, are great for keeping your cat entertained while you work.

DIY toys, like cardboard boxes or sock toys filled with catnip, are also fun and quiet options.

Indoor Cat Grass and Safe Office Plantscat friendly home office

Indoor Cat Grass

✅Health Stuff: Cat grass is special grass that’s okay for cats to munch on. It’s good for their tummy and helps indoor cats who can’t go outside eat grass. This grass also helps cats get rid of hairballs because it makes them throw up in a good way to clean their insides.

✅Kinds of Cat Grass: You can find different cat grasses like wheatgrass, barley, oat, and rye. You can buy kits to grow the grass at pet shops or on the internet. They’re easy to grow on a windowsill or somewhere bright in your house where you do your work.

✅Growing It: Making cat grass grow is easy. With most kits, you just add water and make sure it gets light. It’s a fun thing to do and makes your work area look nice and green. Watching the grass grow and seeing how your cat plays with it is pretty cool.

Safe Plants for Your Office

When you’re adding plants to your office, picking ones that won’t hurt your cat is super important. Here are some safe plants and what’s good about them:

  • Spider Plant: This plant cleans the air and is safe for cats. It doesn’t need a lot of care. Cats might like to play with its long leaves that hang down.
  • Boston Fern: This green plant makes the air more moist, which is nice when it’s dry or cold. It’s safe for cats and makes any room look prettier.
  • Catnip: This isn’t just a regular plant; cats really love it. You can grow catnip inside, and it gives your cat something fresh to snack on.
  • Bamboo Palm: This big plant makes your office feel like a jungle and helps clean the air. It’s also safe for cats.
  • African Violet: This small plant has pretty flowers and is safe for cats. It doesn’t take up much room, so it’s perfect for putting on a desk or windowsill.

Where to Put Plants and How to Take Care of Them

  • Where to Put Plants: Even though these plants are okay for cats, you still don’t want them knocking the plants over. Try putting them up high or on sturdy stands. Hanging plants up high is another way to keep them away from your cat but still decorate your space.
  • Taking Care of Plants: Make sure the plants you pick are happy with the light and warmth in your office. Check on them for bugs or sickness because that could be bad for both the plant and your cat. Remember to water them the right amount, not too much or too little.

Adding cat grass and other safe plants to where you work makes it nicer for you and fun for your cat. These plants make your office look better and help clean the air. They also make a great place for your cat to hang out. Doing this means you and your cat can enjoy a cool and happy space together.

Making your home office cat-friendly is about understanding what your cat needs and finding ways to include that in your space. This way, you both get to enjoy being together while getting things done.

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