9 Conscious Habits That Will Help You Stay Sober

Written By Sam Jones
March 27, 2024

Conscious Habits That Will Help You Stay Sober

The path to sobriety looks different for everyone, but it must always be done alone. You can get help along the way, but ultimately, the only person who can choose for you to be clean is you.

That’s why finding the right people to support your decision to get sober is essential. Experts and mentors know what you’re going through and provide knowledge, moral support, encouragement, and, when necessary, tough love.

You’ll need each of these elements as you go from addiction to sobriety, especially when you leave your structured rehab facility.

For those who feel like their recovery may be challenged by a return home, sober living facilities provide the ideal transition time to strengthen your willpower and support your new, clean life.

Once upon a time, in your addict stage, you developed negative habits involving the substance that you depended on to get through the day.

Now, you must create new habits as you go into your new, clean life. When you’re ready to stay sober, it requires conscious effort, and these nine habits can help make this goal attainable.

Habits to Develop in Your Day for Sobriety

In your old life, the habits you developed that led you to your addiction were probably difficult to point out at the time.

Now, you can look back and see where you probably should have avoided this situation or that choice, but rather than staying in the past, those will be lessons to take with you into the future.

Today, you’re a new person, and you can develop healthy habits instead of letting your circumstances and environment control your actions.

With this proactive approach to life, you can choose which of these options to include in your conscious approach to sobriety. Use one, a few, or all, and adjust as necessary when you find something isn’t working anymore.

Morning GratitudeMorning Gratitude

When you wake up in the morning, before you even open your eyes, say a short, focused prayer that you are grateful for your sobriety and anything else you are appreciative of at that moment.

Take a Nature Walk

More and more research shows that when you get outside in nature, whether walking, hiking, biking, or doing any kind of fresh air activity, you’re more likely to remain sober. The increased connection to nature reduces the stresses of daily life and provides a purpose.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

The nutrients you start your day with will affect your physical and mental strength through the rest of it. If you must eat unhealthily, don’t let it be the first thing when you break your fast.

Watch Your Diet

Although breakfast is crucial, everything you eat serves as fuel for your mind and body. If you want to ensure you’re providing them with what they need to be strong and committed to sobriety, fuel them with nutritious foods.

Take Vitamins

Unless you’re diligent about watching your macros, you probably won’t get all the vitamins and minerals you need from your food. Pay attention to your meals, get regular lab work done to monitor your vitamin levels, and take daily supplements. This is particularly important for vitamins that are linked to depression, like Vitamin D and B.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is also linked to depression, which is one of the leading reasons people turn to substances. Drinking any fluids helps, but water is the quickest way to hydrate your body’s organs.

Stay Active

In addition to your time in nature, spend a few minutes each day working out or being active. Not only does this help keep your body in shape, but the endorphin release gives you the same chemical response as the substance you once used, but in a healthy way.

Schedule Fun

What do you enjoy doing? Make sure to include that hobby or activity in your week so that you have something to look forward to regularly.


Although you have to walk the sobriety path alone, you don’t have to be completely isolated. Find people you enjoy being around, and be sure to socialize frequently. Isolation also leads to substance use. Whether you feel like it or not, go hang out with friends, network, and make connections.

These are all essential habits to develop in your new, sober life. You don’t have to start with all nine at once, but eventually, all nine will cement the foundation of your sobriety

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