8 Bathroom Design Trends That Are Hot Right Now

Written By Alla Levin
May 07, 2024

Bathroom Design Trends That Are Hot Right Now

Your bathroom should be more than just functional; it should be a retreat where you can unwind and rejuvenate. With bathroom design trends evolving rapidly, keeping up can be challenging.

Whether you’re planning a complete overhaul or just looking for inspiration, we’re here to help.

Here are the 8 hottest bathroom design trends right now, ranging from sustainable materials to smart technology.

These trends combine style and functionality to help you create a beautiful and practical bathroom.

Statement Bathtubs

Statement bathtubs have taken center stage in modern bathroom design, blending art and functionality.

Freestanding tubs create an undeniable focal point, particularly those with organic curves or vintage clawfoot designs. Sculptural shapes like oval or round tubs elevate the bathroom’s aesthetic, making it feel more like a spa retreat than a simple washroom.

Materials like stone resin, copper, or cast iron bring unique textures and durability to the space. For those who crave luxury, soaking tubs with built-in jets or chromotherapy lighting provide an unparalleled bathing experience.

Whether positioned near a window for a scenic view or surrounded by elegant tilework, a statement bathtub transforms the bathroom into a serene sanctuary.

Modern Vanity DesignsModern Vanity Designs

Vanities have come a long way from utilitarian cabinets, offering sleek lines and innovative storage solutions. Modern designs emphasize minimalism, with floating vanities that free up floor space and provide a contemporary look. Pair them with wall-mounted faucets for an uncluttered feel.

The Bath Center has embraced this trend with their curated selection of minimalist vanities, perfect for smaller spaces or anyone seeking a clean, airy atmosphere. Double-sink vanities remain popular for shared bathrooms, while single-sink models with ample countertop space work well in compact settings.

Look for vanities with integrated lighting, built-in electrical outlets, and modular storage compartments to keep essentials organized and accessible without sacrificing style.

Bold Tile Patterns

Tiles offer an opportunity to inject color, texture, and pattern into your bathroom. Bold tile patterns are a standout trend, whether it’s Moroccan-inspired zellige tiles, geometric encaustic tiles, or oversized terrazzo. These patterns can be used sparingly as accent walls or backsplashes or more generously across the entire floor or shower surround.

Herringbone and chevron patterns provide a subtle twist on traditional subway tiles, adding movement and depth to the design. For a unique touch, mix and match tile shapes or colors to create a custom mosaic. The result is a personalized space that reflects your style while maintaining the bathroom’s modern appeal.

Natural Materials and Organic TexturesNatural Materials and Organic Textures

Natural materials and organic textures bring warmth and tranquility to the bathroom. Stone, wood, and clay are increasingly popular choices for sinks, vanities, and tilework.

Limestone sinks offer a raw, rustic feel, while wooden countertops and bamboo shelves introduce a sense of harmony.

Incorporating live-edge wood or reclaimed timber adds character and sustainability to the design. Textured tiles, such as rough-cut stone or embossed ceramics, enhance the organic aesthetic. Pair these materials with lush greenery and natural lighting for a spa-like atmosphere.

In addition, matte finishes on faucets, hardware, and fixtures complement the natural look, providing a tactile contrast to glossy surfaces.

Curbless Showers and Frameless Glass Enclosures

Curbless showers create a seamless flow between the shower area and the rest of the bathroom, making the space appear larger.

By eliminating the traditional shower curb, these showers offer an accessible, barrier-free entry. Frameless glass enclosures enhance this design by providing a minimalist look while keeping the water contained.

Linear drains, often positioned along the shower wall, ensure efficient drainage without interrupting the visual continuity of the floor.

Pair the shower with large-format tiles or a continuous tile pattern to emphasize the open feel. Rainfall showerheads, body jets, and handheld sprays deliver a luxurious bathing experience that completes the modern, curbless shower trend.

Smart Bathroom Technologybathroom design trends

Incorporating smart technology into the bathroom is becoming increasingly popular for those who value convenience and innovation.

Smart mirrors with integrated lighting and anti-fog features allow you to customize your grooming experience.

Add in voice-activated controls and Bluetooth speakers for a personalized touch. Smart showers offer precise temperature control, allowing you to set your ideal water temperature before stepping in.

Touchless faucets reduce water waste while promoting hygiene, and smart toilets with built-in bidets, seat warmers, and self-cleaning features make daily routines more comfortable.

Digital scales, automated air fresheners, and humidity sensors further optimize your bathroom, creating a space that’s as intelligent as it is stylish.

Warm and Neutral Color Palettes

Warm and neutral color palettes have made a strong comeback, moving away from the stark whites that dominated bathroom design for years. Earthy tones like taupe, beige, and soft grey create a calm, inviting atmosphere, while warmer shades of terracotta, blush, and ochre add depth and character.

Layering these colors through tiles, paint, and accessories allows you to create a cohesive look that’s both soothing and sophisticated.

Contrast these warm hues with matte black or brushed brass fixtures for a modern edge. Natural wood accents, whether in the form of cabinetry or decor, complete the look by introducing an organic warmth that enhances the overall ambiance.

Statement Lighting Fixturesbathroom design trends

Lighting is a crucial element in any bathroom design, and statement fixtures can elevate the space to new heights. Chandeliers, pendant lights, and wall sconces in bold designs provide visual interest while illuminating your bathroom beautifully.

Geometric shapes, sculptural forms, and mixed-metal finishes are particularly hot right now. Consider oversized pendant lights above the vanity or a sleek chandelier over a freestanding tub for dramatic effect. Backlit mirrors and LED strips under floating vanities add subtle ambient lighting, creating a layered look that emphasizes the bathroom’s luxurious feel.

Adjustable, dimmable lighting offers flexibility, allowing you to switch from bright task lighting to a softer, more relaxing glow.


Staying ahead of bathroom design trends can be challenging, but these 8 hot trends offer inspiration and guidance for your next renovation. Whether you prefer the organic warmth of natural materials, the sleek lines of Japandi style, or the convenience of smart technology, there’s something for every taste and budget.

You can create a functional and luxurious bathroom by incorporating statement bathtubs, modern vanities, and curbless showers into your design. So take the plunge and transform your bathroom into a sanctuary that reflects your style and meets your everyday needs.

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