10 Fabulous Ideas For Your Modern Entryway Decor

Written By Alla Levin
May 25, 2018
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Ideas For Your Modern Entryway Decor

Are you remodeling your foyer? If your home’s entrance has stairs, a redecorating project might have you stumped. There are simply too many great themes to choose from. Here are 10 fabulous entryway decor ideas that can kick your mind into gear.

No other room in your house gives quite the first impression as your entryway does.

It’s the first room that family and friends enter, and it sets the tone for the rest of your house. So when it’s time to redecorate, it’s important that you pick the right entryway decor that reflects who you are and what you want your house to say.

And if you gravitate toward modern design, it might be difficult to know where to start. What are the best modern features for an entryway? And how do you make a modern foyer still look welcoming to guests without it feeling to stark?

Creating an inviting modern space is actually very easy with the right tips. Let’s discuss 10 fabulous ideas you can use to redecorate the modern entryway of your dreams.

Create Drama with Color

Color can have a major impact on how your guests are welcomed into your home. The mood you want to create can simply be portrayed by the color on the walls.

If you want to greet people with a cozy “let me give you a hug” feeling, use darker colors like a navy blue or even a modern black. To keep it brighter and fresh, of course, you would use lighter colors such as a light gray or white.

Be a MinimalistEntryway Decor.

Much of modern design has to do with clean lines and simple decor. So when you want to go simple, look no further then minimalist pieces!

Be sure not to clutter up walls with a bunch of pictures. Use furniture pieces that aren’t fussy and sits up off the ground, creating an airy feel underneath. Use very few decorative accent pieces.

Or you don’t have to use any furniture at all. A simple piece of art would do the trick. It’s all in how minimal you want to go!

Use MirrorsMirrors_ Modern Entryway Decor. (2)

A mirror in the entryway isn’t a brand-new idea, in fact, it’s pretty common. However, just because it’s common doesn’t mean you can’t put your modern twist on it.

Set an oversized full-length mirror behind an entry table to create a dramatic effect. Or hang mirrors of various shapes and sizes on the wall. You can even hang mirrors on opposite walls from each other, enabling light from windows and chandeliers to bounce back and forth throughout the foyer.

Make It Fun with GraphicsEntryway Decor_graphics

Pop some personality into your entry by using graphics as decorations! Use paint or wallpaper to splash arrows or random circles onto the walls. Or stack framed art that displays bold, geometric patterns.

And don’t forget about the floors! Have fun with patterns in floor tiles or wood inlays. Or soften it up with quirky rugs.

Color the Unexpected

If you have stairs in your entryway, there’s no need to leave them out of the fun. Dress them up with a little color of their own!

Paint the stair risers in a dark, dramatic color. A fun bonus to this, not only does it look great and gives your guest something unexpected to look at, it also helps hide any scuffs or marks shoes may leave behind. That’s a win-win!

Sparkle with Lightingraindrop chandelier_5

Lighting is a major component of any entryway. All you need to consider is the size of your foyer and what kind of look you’re going for.

For a bold look that will draw the eye up, chandeliers are a must! To stick with a modern design, stay away from formal, elegant chandeliers and opt for sleek designs like a raindrop chandelierLamps on an entryway table give a warm, homey feeling.

Wall sconces can add a warm glow in a small entryway without taking up any space on smaller tables.

And if you’re wanting to showcase any art, modern ceiling fixtures can highlight the star attraction perfectly.

Add Some Storage

Storage is always a good idea when it comes to furnishing your entryway. Think about it, how many shoes, umbrellas, coats, keys, and mail make its way through your door every day?

But storage doesn’t have to mean ugly. Depending on your personal style, you can keep it simple with just a slim console table or pump the storage up with an art deco dresser. Add a fun coat rack and umbrella stand if you desire.

Layer It UpLayering the decor

Layering the decor can give your entryway a bold, fun, yet inviting look. Get creative with it. Mix modern with bohemian, classic with funky, or minimalist with rustic. You can also layer candle holders with lamps, eclectic picture frames, and various throw pillows if you have a sitting area in the foyer.

The more you make it yours, the more your guests will be welcomed into a home that reflects your personality.

Welcome with Rugsraindrop chandelier.

Just because your entryway is modern doesn’t mean you have to keep the floors cold and stark. Giving your guests a warm welcome with rugs can still be fun and stylishly modern.

There are so many rugs available today that have graphic patterns or bold design. You can balance out the dramatic look by keeping the rest of your entryway clean and simple.

Or if that isn’t your cup of tea, mix it up with simple rugs layered on top of each other. It will give your guests an unexpected treat of eye candy.

Bring the Outdoors In

Give your entryway a little transition from the outdoors in by decorating with plants. Whether they be fake ones or the real deal, plants add calming, cozy feeling to any foyer.

Flank the front door on both sides with large floor plants in matching pots. Or group smaller potted plants around on the floor in various shapes and sizes.

Fresh flowers on an entryway table is also another great way to greet your guest, not to mention a great smelling way as well.

Let Your Entryway Decor Give the Best First Impression Possible

You want to welcome people into your home in the best way possible. By selecting entryway decor that reflects who you are, you’re sure to leave a lasting great impression on family and friends every time they enter your front door.

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