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7 Tips for Taking Better Photos with Your Smartphone

7 Tips for Taking Better Photos with Your Smartphone.

How to Take Better Photos with Your Smartphone. For the longest time, serious photography was reserved for those who could stride around with a decent Digital Single Reflex (DSLR) Camera. If you wanted a camera...
Woman portrait photography

Fabulous Woman Portrait Photography

Woman portrait photography that takes your breath away! Svetlana Belyaeva is a great portrait photographer from Belgorod, Russia. Svetlana started working as a wedding photographer, but gradually mastering her photography skills; she switched to the...
Emilio Jiménez dressing up his models in the jewelry made from the Shadows (10)

Jewelry from the Shadows: photo project by Emilio Jiménez.

Emilio Jiménez dressing up his models in the jewelry made from the light and shadows. Emilio Jiménez is a Spanish photographer based in Madrid. This photographer works only with natural lights and shadows creating a...
cal-redback-human-nature-artl-ofl-photol-manipulation (5)

Treebeard: Portraits of People With Plants Growing From Their Heads.

The art of photo manipulation: Cal Redback unites people and trees. Cal Redback (Pascal Dupont) creative-retoucher creates unusual portraits of the people combined with plants. Some art lovers name the individuals on the photographs as...
art photography

Freeze-frame Art Photography by Ravshaniya.

Art Photography: Levitating in the Air People. Ravshaniya is a creative pseudonym of a talented photo artist from Uzbekistan - Ravshaniya Azule. Ravshaniya got acquainted with the basics of the art photography at the university....
total solar eclipse 2017

The Longest and the Greatest American Solar Eclipse.

The Collection of the Pictures of a Great American Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017. National Solar Observatory of the United States has reported on their official website that the solar eclipse that has taken...
photography ideas

Sand, Water, Fire, and Wind – New Outfit Ideas?

Photography Ideas: Models Dressed Up in the Earth Elements! Photographers from Poland Asida Turava and Radoslav Radzikowski turned into the reality a few unique photography ideas just within three days. It was quite a show,...
conceptual art

Conceptual Art by Franz Szony.

Provocative Conceptual Art Ideas from Franz Szony.  Photographer, fashion designer, and concept artist Franz Szony creates his fabulous artworks in the surreal world of the excessive rococo. The basement of his conceptual art ideas are the...
Research Chemicals USAvideo

Incredibly Beautiful Chemical Reactions to See with Your Own Eyes!

Research Chemicals - Beautiful Chemical Reactions. How many of us did not like the chemistry class at school, but looks like we have missed a lot of beautiful things because of this. After all, if you know...

Beautiful Photographs of Natural Disasters

Beautiful Photographs of Natural Disasters. Recently, the scale and the frequency of the anomalous phenomena occurrence has increased significantly. Scientists attribute this to the trend of the global warming, which is happening due to the...

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