MAGMART- Video Under Volcano

Written By Alla Levin
December 15, 2005

MAGMART video under volcano.

In January 2006, there will occur in Naples, Italy, the first edition of Magmart | video under a volcano, an international video art festival, a studio tad production, with the partnership of Stella Film, Casoria International Contemporary Art Museum, and GenomART.

The festival is open to international video artists, and the program schedule four steps:

  • The submission, by a website;
  • The online show, on website;
  • The first public show, at Videodrome;
  • The finalists’ public show, at Casoria International Contemporary Art Museum.

Deadline: h 24:00 of January 15.

The submission can be done just by the website, and all the video received before the deadline will be shown on-line. The video selection will be split in three subsection: received (all that reach our mailbox before deadline), pre-selected (by production, that will go at public show) and 30 finalists (selected by a Jury and Videodrome’s public vote) that will go at Casoria International Contemporary Art Museum show, and will be part of permanent Museum’s collection.


The video must be fully realized with digital tools.
Must be in .mpeg, .avi or .mov. format.
Max length 15 minutes.
Must be accompanied by a specification (in .txt format) on video and on author/s (500 type max).
Must be accompanied by an image draw from the video (video still/frame) in .jpg format, at least 400 px for 300 px.


The Festival is only for video art. The theme is free. Participation is open to all video artists, Italians or internationals, singles, and groups.

Official contest language: Italian and English.

Deadline: h 24:00 of January 15, 2006.

To enter, submit via e-mail:

  • Name and surname of author/authors or artistic group.
  • Specification (see above)
  • Image (see above)


Participation at Contest implies full acceptance of rules. Participants agree diffusion on website and permanent vision in Casoria International Contemporary Art Museum of their own videos.
The Museum acquires at its own permanent collection just the 30 finalist videos.


Any other right about submitted videos holds steady of the participant.

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