WordPress 4.8.2 is released

Written By Alla Levin
December 28, 2005
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WordPress 4.8.2 is released

WordPress 4.8.2 is apparently out the door (though the latest stable release is still listed as 1.5.1). Asymptomatic recently listed a bunch of new features in WP2, here are some of the more interesting ones from an Ajax perspective:

  • Ajax Category Addition – Theres a bunch of ajax in WordPress 2.0 and this is probably the most requested use of it. This feature lets you add new categories directly from the post-writing page.
  • Ajax List Management – There are a few places in the admin that show lists of things and let you delete, like categories, posts, comments. Now, instead of reloading, the row turns red and then fades out.
  • Moved Javascript/Images – Version 2.0 uses a lot more javascript than prior versions. Some utilities, like FAT (Fade Anything Technique) and SACK (Simple Ajax Code Kit), can be used by other tools and plugins, so its good to put them someplace where developers know they will reside, and outside of the admin directory, which might have weird permissions.
  • The Rich Editor – WordPress has a new post editor built in that lets you see what youre going to get without having to decipher tags. You can also resize the editing area on the fly by dragging it, which is pretty cool. Not everyone who has tried it likes the WYSIWYG editor, so there is an option to disable it on a per-user basis.
  • Improved Post Preview – Instead of displaying the post as plain text below the editor, the post is now displayed in an embedded frame, using all of the layout and CSS that is normally applied to your site. In effect, the post looks exactly like it will when you publish it, giving you ample opportunity to review the posts layout.


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