Xylon : Wooden Bikes


Very interesting idea of making wooden bikes : www.xylonbikes.com

Recognising wood’s inherent qualities, the Xylonbikes team sought to explore the potential of this versatile natural material by pushing the technological envelope, and following in the footsteps of such impetuous entrepreneurs as Howard Hughes, develop and perfect a series of dynamic structures which now make up the Xylonbikes? range of composite, timber framed bicycles. Keeping the number of metal parts to the minimum, the frames are hand built to exacting specifications using state of the art adhesives, aeronautical grade plywood, and seasoned hardwoods each chosen for their natural beauty and mechanical properties. The result of this unprecedented attention to detail is manifested in each bicycle being unique. And in this world of standardisation and normalisation, this is indeed a rare occurrence. Corrosion resistant aluminium and stainless steel fasteners are employed throughout, and rigorous attention to detail put Xylonbikes in a category of there own. However, functionality is not Xylonbikes sole concern – Design plays an essential role, with a strong emphasis on appearance and aesthetics. The results of this multifaceted approach can be appreciated in the functional and beautiful objects which are Xylon Bikes.


  • that bike is gay!!

  • I would suggest that heavy use of springs etc would reduce stress in the frame and extend the life of the bike. Great idea though!