Custom Challenge Coins to Impress your Customers or Friends

Written By Alla Levin
June 23, 2017

Design your Custom Challenge Coins to Impress your Customers

Did you know that manufacturing challenge coins have become possible due to the Chinese?

In the 18th century BC, the first copper banknotes were brought into existence? A few centuries later, appeared gold coins containing the images of special rules, figures, and events. They still attract the highest attention of modern numismatists.

Some of the coins, except for the payment function, are endowed with a special meaning. The own coin has long been an attribute of authority, strength, and power. To afford such luxury could accommodate only the most outstanding people of the epoch.

But times are changing, the luxury is becoming more and more available, but the manufacturing of custom challenge coins is filled with a special meaning.  To receive such a present as a souvenir is a sign of sincere respect and recognition from others.

Who would be interested in making custom challenge coins? First, for those who like the original ways to impress a dear person. How to do it? Easy – start with a free design consultation. You have an excellent choice of different materials and finishes with a broad range of sizes and shapes, a collectible, memorable, souvenir, corporate, or wedding coins where the specialists will apply any image or inscription.

Custom challenge coins can be made in the color of gold, silver, or copper. They can be polished to shine, covered with a clear varnish or old, or filled with translucent or colored enamel. Vivipins can help you with making customized challenge coins.

Would you like to impress your business partner?custom challenge coins

A custom challenge coin made in a corporate style will be the best expression of your attention. Are you going for an anniversary? The coin with the portrait of the birthday person for sure will be the most critical present. The guys from will fulfill your wish regarding the design of custom challenge coins. They will help you to do everything that your gift coin will become an original, beautiful, and wonderfully expensive gift.

What is a custom challenge coin?

Custom challenge coin – it is a currency symbol manufactured from metal, copper, or other metals or alloys with a face (obverse) and a back (reverse) side. The lateral surface of the coin is called a sheath. The total amount of all the written signs or inscriptions on the cash that can be placed on the coin’s field, along with a circle along the edge of the coin or on the edge, forms the coin legend.

Custom challenge coin – it`s a perfect gift for the advertising purposes of companies who would like to compliment their employees, partners, customers, and loved ones.

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