15 Home Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Written By Alla Levin
June 22, 2018

Home Cleaning Hacks to Make Life Easier

Whether you love to clean or hate it, very few people want to struggle every day with keeping their homes clean. These 15 awesome cleaning hacks will help make it fast and easy so you can move on to do better things. Do you try to avoid cleaning at all costs?

This necessary task quickly becomes most homeowners’ favorite thing to procrastinate.

But a dirty house can cause more harm than it’s worth. If you don’t properly clean your home, you may be facing several health risks, including increasing your allergies and worsening any asthma symptoms.

So how can you make cleaning easier? The good news is that several cleaning hacks won’t make cleaning seem so bad. Do you want to know what they are? Keep reading to discover 15 awesome home cleaning hacks to make your life easier.

Freshen Your Garbage Disposal

Does your garbage disposal stink? You may think that the only way to remove that smell is by deep cleaning it – which can be a lot of work. Of course, this may be the only option if your garbage disposal is clogged. However, if the only problem is an odor, there are some cleaning tips to help.

The best is to cut a lemon into small slices. Toss them in the garbage disposal and turn it on. The lemon will help clean it out and give it a fresh smell.

Don’t Take Apart Your Blender

If you use your blender a lot, you may know how annoying it is to take it apart whenever you need to clean it. While we do suggest doing this after every few uses, you don’t have to do it every time. Instead, fill it with water and add a little dish soap. Turn it on for a few seconds, then raise it out – voila!

Clean Your Keyboard Outhome cleaning hacks

Keyboards are one of those things we never clean as often as we should. Pretty soon, dust and crumbs accumulate and leave your keyboard looking disgusting. Two of the best cleaning tips to get into those tiny crevices are using a clean toothbrush and pressurized air.

Remove Dust from Screens

You can make cleaning easier by cleaning your entire computer out at once. Once you’ve finished with the keyboard, move on to the monitor. Screens, including televisions and computer monitors, can be wiped clean using a coffee filter. It’s delicate enough not to leave scratches while still removing the dust.

Microwave Your Sponges

You may not think your sponges need cleaning, but they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. That’s why one of our best cleaning tips involves cleaning that old sponge out. It’s easy too! All you have to do is microwave it for 30 seconds to kill all that bacteria.

Home cleaning hacks: Clean Your Microwave with Easehome cleaning hacks

Is your microwave full of dried-on food spatter? Those marinara stains can seem impossible to scrub off. You can make cleaning easier by microwaving water for one minute. This will release steam into your microwave and loosen dried-on food. You may add a little soap to the water for easier cleaning.

Bring the Color Back to Your Clothes

Are your clothes looking a little dingy? If so, don’t throw them away just yet. By deciding to use high-quality laundry products from somewhere like The Laundress, a simple wash will remove any unwanted stains, as well as make your clothes look brighter and appear brand new again.

Get Fingerprints Off Stainless Steel

Stainless steel appliances bring a sleek and modern appearance to any kitchen. But they don’t look so great when they inevitably get covered in fingerprints. Don’t worry! There are some great house cleaning tips to fix this. One of the best involves using rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth to wipe those fingerprints right off.

Use the Dishwasher

If you only use your dishwasher for dishes, you aren’t using it to its full potential. One way to make cleaning easier is to wash anything glass or ceramic in the dishwasher. This could include candle globes, mason jars, vases, and little ceramic figurines. Just avoid putting anything hand-painted in here as they dishwasher may wear the paint down.

Clean Your Chopping Board

It doesn’t take long for several knife cuts to appear on your cutting board. These little grooves can be very difficult to clean and cause a build-up of bacteria to form. One of the best DIY cleaning tips is to scrub Kosher salt over the board with a halved lemon (flesh side down).

The lemon and salt will get deep into the crevices to kill bacteria and leave your cutting board smelling great!

Get Naturally Clear Windowshome cleaning hacks

Instead of using harsh chemicals to clean windows, consider using your own natural window cleaner. You need 2 cups of water and two tablespoons of distilled vinegar. Please put it in a spray bottle and watch your windows sparkle.

If your windows still look foggy, you may need a window replacement shortly. This concoction can also be used to clean certain types of blinds and kitchen cabinets.

Remove Bathtub Rings

You may think that a bathtub is self-cleaning – it’s constantly being rinsed with soap and hot water. But, if you don’t properly clean your bathtub, you’ll end up with some gross rings. If this happens, you only need some salt and half a grapefruit. Scrub the salt into the rings using the flesh side of a halved grapefruit, and voila!

Get Shiny Shower Heads

Have you noticed some hard water stains on your shower head? Please don’t waste your money on expensive cleaners and spend forever scrubbing them. Instead, tie a bag full of white vinegar around your showerhead and let it soak for one hour.  Then, just rinse it off to reveal a shiny shower head!

Pick Up That Glitter

Do you have a couple of crafty kids? You may feel like glitter is inescapable, but there are some cleaning hacks to fix that.

Just take a ball of playdough and dab it over the glittery area. This can be used to help clean your carpet, tile, or hardwood. Not only will you remove glitter from unwanted areas, but now you will also be able to make your own DIY glittery play dough!

Clean Burned PansClean Burned Pans

Have you ever burned food in a frying pan and can’t seem to get the burn marks off? Well, the good news is that your pan is still salvageable! Just put 2 cups of vinegar into the pan (or pot) and fill it up with water.

Bring the concoction to a boil and take it off the heat. Add two tablespoons of baking soda and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, dump the water mixture and clean it with an abrasive sponge. Your pans will look good as new!

The Best Cleaning Hacks

Don’t get tricked into thinking that cleaning has to be a grueling all-day process. While it’s essential to have a clean house, there are some cleaning hacks to ensure that it’s as painless as possible.

Some of the best cleaning tips include using lemon to remove garbage disposal odors, baking soda to brighten your clothes, and using vinegar to clean burnt pans. Did you find these hacks helpful? Check out our lifestyle blog for more articles like this.

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