6 Best Personalized Gifts to Show You Care

Written By Alla Levin
June 26, 2018

Personalized Gifts to Show You Care

Do you struggle with what to get people when you’d like to buy them a gift? Check out this great list of the best-personalized gifts to show you care.

Choosing a gift for the man, woman, or child that has everything can be tough. Finding something that shows you care and fits the occasion is even harder.

While there is nothing wrong with a gift card, a bottle of wine, a picture frame, bath bomb gift sets, or candle… each of these may seem quite generic.

 The key to good gift-giving is making the person feel like you put thought and effort into the gift.

If you’d like to know the best-personalized gifts you can buy, read on!

Gift Baskets: Always a Great Idea

This may seem silly or over-done, but everyone loves a basket or box of items tailored to them! If a friend is having a housewarming party, you can easily put together a basket containing some essentials.Gift Baskets - personalized Koozies

For example: if the new homeowner enjoys backyard entertainment, a basked with personalized Koozies, grilling utensils, a few craft brews, and gourmet spices or marinades. It’s simple and thoughtful.

Small Items Do Not Mean Small Impact

pen and bullet journaling

Many times you may not want to give a gift that you think will have a small impact. Sometimes, though, a small gift means the most.

For someone that enjoys hand-writing to-do lists, or jotting down thoughts, a nice pen will be enjoyed for years to come. There are still people that write thank you notes–consider personalized stationery especially if they love bullet journaling.

Monogramming Is In Style

handmade soap and monogrammed hand towels.

Just about everything can be monogrammed: towels, bathrobes, purses, jackets are all possibilities. A perfect example of a classy gift would include handmade soap and monogrammed hand towels.

It’s simple, elegant, and will definitely be used.

Whiskey Barrels for the Connoisseur

whiskey barrel

Yes, it is possible to have a whiskey barrel made for a friend, or a newlywed couple. Actually, these things are perfect for just about anyone.

You may want to consider one for yourself too.

People and Their Pets

pet pillows,

You probably know someone that is overly attached to their dog or cat. If they have more pictures of Fido or Fifi on their phone than they do of their child, consider a pet-related gift.

There are pet paintings, jewelry, coffee mugs, pet pillows, and just about anything else you can think of. A framed collage of their favorite pictures that include their fur child would be admired for years to come.

Organizational Tools

beautiful journal or a sturdy planner.

If the person receiving the gift is organized, they will love either a beautiful journal or a sturdy planner. If the person is not organized, they may begin to learn with the help of these tools.

The Best Personalized Gifts Are From The Heart

As cheesy as this may sound, gift-giving is about the thought behind the gift; not so much what the gift is. No matter what item you choose to present, it will be appreciated.

Some of the best-personalized gifts can come in the form of helping with a bill, buying a subscription, or even watching a friend’s children. Other times, a gift can be your time, love, and support.

If you decide that time is the best gift you can give, check out the top things to do this summer. This will ensure your time (and theirs) is well-spent.

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