Darwins Natural Landmarks
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A Guide to Darwin’s Natural Landmarks

Australia’s top end is home to some of the world’s most stunning and rugged terrain, sprinkled with superb beaches, sublime climate, and tropical flora. The Northern Territory is one of the few places left which retains the true essence of the Aussie lifestyle. Sitting on the northern coastline, Darwin’s unique attractions offer tourists and visitors an insight into the absolute best Australia offers.

Darwin apartments can be exceptionally well-appointed and affordably-priced; catering to every budget, and most of Darwin’s most alluring attractions are just a short drive from town. So let’s begin to explore a small taste of the myriad of natural wonders offered by this remarkable and exciting city.

Berry Springs Nature ParkBerry Springs Nature Park

Welcome to paradise! This tropical oasis is popular for swimming, bushwalking, or picnicking; this tropical oasis attracts visitors and locals alike, offering a calm sanctuary from the often stifling humidity. The park’s spring water originates from deep within the soil and is thus brimming with minerals that endow the water with a stunning aquamarine hue.

Nature is in abundance throughout the area, and the dense scrub is inhabited by small wallabies and carpet pythons, while teams of fish can be seen flitting about in the crystal clear water. Pay close attention to park signage, as there may be a small risk presented from fresh and saltwater crocodiles.

Location: 47 km south of Darwin

Kakadu National ParkKakadu-National-Park

Renowned by the world for its unsurpassed beauty, a high concentration of natural wildlife, and Aboriginal Cave Art,  Kakadu National Park is on the World Heritage list. Spanning an area about half the size of Switzerland, there is just so much to take in here, including:

  • Aboriginal rock art;
  • Water buffalo;
  • Panoramic views;
  • Picturesque native flora;
  • Spectacular waterfalls;
  • Mangrove swamps.

With such an abundance of natural attractions, and the park covering such a vast area, it is wise to plan your trip to gain the most of the experience.

Location: Just over 170 km southeast of Darwin

Magnetic Termite MoundsDarwin's natural landmarks

One of Darwin’s most beautiful natural landmarks in the Litchfield National Park, the magnetic termite mounds are a natural wonder well worth visiting. Towering up to two meters in height, these mounds are unique to the northern part of Australia. These statuesque mounds are magnetic compasses with thinner edges pointing north-south and broader backs pointing east-west.

Boardwalks have been constructed to enable visitors to get the best vantage points of the mounds. Taking pride in place is the lofty four-meter high Cathedral, Termite Mound. The area is also teeming with natural wildlife, and chances are you will cross paths with a kangaroo or two. The park also offers a variety of other activities and sites to be explored, including:

  • Swimming – the area boasts vibrant cascades, waterfalls, and shimmering plunge pools;
  • Bushwalking – meander through pristine bushland and forests or picnic amongst rocky outcrops while marveling at the spectacular scenery below;
  • Historic ruins at Blyth Homestead and Bamboo Creek;
  • Scenic lookouts;
  • Wildlife spotting;
  • Camping.

Location: One and a half-hour drive from Darwin

Mindi BeachMindi Beach

Be sure to bring your camera along when visiting Mindi Beach. The world-famous sunsets have inspired countless amateur and professional photographers with their intoxicating array of ever-changing colors.

Drop by the Sunset Markets, where you will find the handiwork of local artisans on display. After the markets, crowds wander down to the beach to marvel at the scintillating spectacle of the setting sun slowly descending into the ocean… Three-hour bike tours are available and are the perfect way to experience all Mindi Beach offers.

Location: Central Darwin

Darwin’s natural landmarks: Visit the crocodiles (but never smile!)

Not exactly a natural landmark but breathtaking nonetheless, Crocosaurus Cove, in the very heart of Darwin, caters to those seeking something a little more exotic. This is a must-see adventure for the whole family, featuring massive saltwater crocs and the world’s largest display of Australian reptiles, and a 200,000-litre aquarium.

Location: Central Darwin

This list covers just a small selection of the wealth of natural wonders that Darwin offers. If you are looking for the quintessential Australian experience, then book a flight to Darwin today and discover the magic and beauty of this remote corner of Australia.

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