New Tourism Trends: Eco-friendly Travel and Vacations Waiting For You To Explore

Written By Alla Levin
January 24, 2020

New Tourism Trends: Eco-friendly Vacations and Travels

We are at a time where environmentally sustainable outcomes are considered key over a “standard”  vacationing experience. Many destinations have woken up to the fact that sustainability can greatly improve not only our environment but also our vacations and ultimately our lives.

Brands are becoming more attuned to the environmental impact of tourism and are including more eco-friendly options in their activities.  This shift toward sustainability is disrupting the way we treat tourist hotspots and travel accessories that come to our markets.

Inspired by this trend, Doshi, for example, makes men’s backpack and women’s backpacks and accessories that are beautiful, durable, and environmentally friendly.

What Do Eco-Friendly Travel Tips And Hacks Involve?

The concept of eco-friendly travel began to gain ground as early as the 1980s and is in full swing today. For ideas of where you can travel, check the list of top 10 environmentally friendly countries in the world.

Sustainable Travel Reports indicate that over 87% of vacationers expressed a desire to be offered more sustainable travel options.

For example:

  • Accommodations that involves flora and fauna of their region and are built with natural materials
  • Destinations that support plastic free policies
  • Remaining sensitive to the local surrounding areas and its conservation
  • Taking the responsibility to educate vacationers on environmental sustainability
  • Manufacturing eco-friendly travel accessories such as vegan bags, wallets, belts, and other accessories.

So, let’s take a look at some eco-friendly travel trends that can improve your next vacation.

Vegan Travel Backpacks

As part of the environmental sustainability effort, Doshi specializes in the manufacturing of vegan backpacks for travelers that are eco-friendly and made with minimal use of water and solvents.

One striking aspect of Doshi vegan products is their durability. While many people confuse PU for real vegan leather, Doshi uses microfiber based leather which feels more like leather and is more durable. If you are a traveler that cares about the environment, get yourself some eco-friendly vegan bags, wallets, belts, and leather.

Off-season TravelOff-season Travel

More travel brands and companies are adopting offseason travel as a way of avoiding overcrowding. This trend is geared toward easing off the challenges that come with over-tourism such as impacts on the environment and infrastructure.

With offseason or shoulder travel, vacationers can experience the joy of travel without overcrowding. Plus, you’ll have a better chance  to learn the local culture  Basically, peak seasons are rush seasons. So, when you hear peak season, think rush season.

Pro-Nature Hotel Menus

What will be happy news to vegans and vegetarians the world over, is that hotel menus are offering less meat and dairy meals, as well as finding ways to reduce waste.

According to Responsible travel, travel is a major contributor to carbon emissions.

“The carbon footprint of a holiday is far from limited to the flight…customers will demand and hotels will offer—a slice of lower meat, lower waste, lower food mile, and more ethical and fair-trade menu,” says Responsible Travel. “This will include less palm oil, fewer animal products, and more innovative farming and food growing solutions.”

Bio Positive and Wildlife Tourism

A new eco-friendly travel trend is that more tourism brands and companies are using tourism proceeds to conserve the environment and some of the most endangered species.

We are already facing a great threat to our planet’s biodiversity.

Responsible Travel reports that in the wake of this threat, “More and more responsible tourism businesses are beginning to use incomes to protect land and habitats for some of the world’s most endangered species, realizing that the future of tourism depends on it. Educating local people and the next generations on the importance of biodiversity are also crucial.”

Rewildingeco-friendly travel

Rewilding is another recent eco-friendly travel trend that many of us are not familiar with.

Rewilding refers to the act of restoring a piece of land to its natural state and is connected to the reintroduction of species that have been killed off or driven out. It’s a trend embraced by many tourism businesses worldwide.

These businesses take the responsibility to restore landscapes and to reintroduce species to a region. According to research, there is an increasing number of travel businesses that help to reintroduce species that are said to have been exterminated in different parts of the world.

This travel trend is basically facilitating positive environmental development given the significant impact tour companies and travelers can have on destinations. It’s a positive trend toward eco-friendly travel.

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