How to Lose Arm Fat

Written By Alla Levin
July 30, 2018
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Losing Arm Fat: Best Exercises and a Reality Check

Okay, have you managed to knock off the extra weight? Congratulations! But why are you still not happy? Yes, I can guess, your arms still do not look toned the way you want it to look?

Arm fat is the hardest to lose. Hard but not impossible! If you want you can still rock your sleeveless outfits and your muscle tees and yes those fashionable halter necks too! If you are asking: How to lose arm fat at home?

The first thing you need to do is change your diet and the next is amp up your workout regime! Yes, the right exercises can indeed do wonders! Time to say goodbye to jiggly arms and hello to strong and sexy arms! Try these top exercises to lose arm fat at home.

Top Reasons You Have Arm Fat

As we age we tend to have more fat around our arms. So, why does this happen? Especially when you have had toned arms all your life! Find out some of the reasons here.

  • Decreased Metabolism – As you veer towards your thirties you tend to have less of lean muscles and more of fat that results in fat accumulation in some areas of your body, such as your arms, your waist, and your hips and so on.
  • A sedentary lifestyle – Do you have a sitting job? On top of that, you do not find time to exercise at all?  All sitting and no exercise will give you flabby arms!
  • Too much fat percentage – Check your body fat percentage is it on the higher side, if it is, you’ll have to lose the excess fat.

Tone it up!

Okay, you want to slim down your arms, but you also do not want to join a gym. Well, no worries there you can lose arm fat right there at your home. Just a few effective exercises and soon you will be able to have toned arms you can be proud of.

Remember when you do these exercises you need to check your form. A bad form will not give you the results you want, start slow and then build more repetitions as you go.

One Arm TricepsArm Triceps

This exercise melts all the triceps fat and the fat on the back of your arms. This is the problem area for both men and women. It sculpts and tones your arm like no other.

What’s more? It is equipment-free too so you do not need the help of any equipment, just your body weight! Drop to the floor for

Keeping your legs and feet together, sit on the floor. Keep your hands on the floor shoulder-width apart and a foot behind your hips. Point fingers at the hips. Bend your knees and keep the feet flat on the floor.

Raise your hips while straightening your arms. This will put the weight on your arms. Lower your hips to the floor ensuring that your right hand is still straight and left-hand bent. To make this even harder, do not touch the floor. Repeat with the other arm.

 Chair Triceps Dips Chair Triceps Dips

This is the perfect exercise to tone your triceps. For this exercise, all you will need is a two- feet height chair or desk. So what if you do not have the equipment, lift your own body-weight, they give you great results too!

Place a not-so-wobbly chair or desk at least 3 feet away from you. Then your back facing the chair, put your hands behind and hold a chair or desk. Maintain a shoulder-width distance between your hands.

Balance your torso and bend your knees in a way that they are in complete alignment with the chair or desk. Bend your elbows and lower your body close to the ground. Once you come back to the normal position repeat this exercise 20 times, break it into 3 sets.

Push-upstop exercises to lose arm fat at home

Pushups are not my favorite, but my! Do they work!  They are an effective way to tone up your muscles. This is also the perfect do-it-anywhere workout, just use your body weight and you are good to go.

Lie on your yoga mat or the floor, whichever you prefer on your stomach. Be on all fours and move your body up. Keep your hand’s shoulder-width apart. Keep your body in plank position.

Now lower yourself down towards the floor, remember to keep your wrists directly below your shoulders. Bending at the elbows lower yourself down and then up again to the initial position.

Don’t let your abdomen quite touch the floor but it should be close enough. Work your way to perfect form. Ideally, you should 3 sets of it and each set should have 10 repetitions.

You can do a variety of push-ups like open push-ups by keeping your hands wider than the shoulder width and close push-ups by placing your hands close to each other, your elbows sticking to your body.

The next most important point to focus on is your diet. Stop hogging on the all the wrong foods such as sugar, white flour, and other junk foods. Yes, there is no getting away from eating right, especially when you want lean and mean arms.

Also while you do strength training moves with your body weight, you have to simply have to include cardio workouts to your workout regime, most days of the week.How to lose arm fat at home

So, which are the best forms of cardio workouts that you can try? Swimming, running, jogging or cycling they are all great options and will help you lose that bit of extra stubborn fat.

Once you amalgamate the two, that is eating right and exercising you will soon get the results you so want, read, reach arm goals!

Yes, you just have to be consistent. And make sure you sleep right at night and that means at least 8 hours of quality sleep, it is while you sleep that you lose fat, your hormones are balanced and you also lose weight. Don’t believe us, try it for a few months and tightened and toned arms will be a distinct reality.

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